July 2, 2007

I have been dying to write this post since June third!

That’s when Queen Heather wrote this post about her eldest boy.

Queen Heather at the infamous “Island of the Shake Shake” (what a cool place) has written about her sons (The Heir and The Spare) before. Each post makes you laugh, cry and sometimes even pee a little…She is hysterical. So are they! (And wanna talk convincing….she got me to actually purchase this…) I know, I know….she deserves an award for THAT!

Once in a while, she’ll write about the stuff her and her son (The Heir) are going through when he is “out of his element”…Some days it is a very difficult path they are walking along together but the love she feels for that little boy is insurmountable. I feel it in her writing. And she helps me understand.

She helps me understand the nuances of a child who is over-stimulated and dealing with sensory overload and anxiousness. She helps me to see that these things are all a part of the way some children are…She helps me to realize that we are never ‘normal‘ and who really is anyway? Sometimes I need to hear it from someone else. And sometimes I need to see how others handle it…Because my daughter can be that way too.

In this post, I felt her love, anxiety and concern for her baby because I have felt it too, just as intense, when my daughter has gotten over-anxious and for lack of a better word – difficult – in certain situations. I have been in The Queen’s shoes and I want her to know she is not alone. I feel her. And I also want her to know how proud I am of her. For the way she handled this particular situation. I couldn’t have done it better…I don’t think anybody could have…She is a wonderful mother and a stellar example of motherhood!

And Queen Heather expresses her thoughts so deeply and so openly that I think she deserves a Perfect Post Award..Don’t you?

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards

All my love Queen Heather! You rock and rule!

Thank you also to Lindsay and MommaK for so eloquently coordinating this award…you can see the entire list of nominees here.


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