July 4, 2007

I’m starting to feel refreshed already.

There is a book out there that I am waiting to get in the mail called “Facing the Fire” by John Lee and it is all about appropriate ways to deal with anger. And he mentions the word “Ahhhh”. Not like the motion you make when the doctor checks your throat. But the sound you make after you take a deep breath and relax. That is how I want to feel. Always. Well, at least most of the time. I am starting to make that sound here on this space.

Can you hear it?

I have done some housekeeping here and I am still trying to figure out what to do with the other space. And this one to make it pretty and soothing. And well, balanced. I’ve locked the old space for now. I plan on archiving some of my favorite posts to put here and just save the other stuff on a disk and start fresh here.

This is rejuvenating.

If you’d like to be invited to join the other space, let me know..Send me your e-mails and I’ll add you to the invited list. Although, I probably won’t keep it maintained. I can only do so much.

I have gotten some e-mails from people I may have left out of the mass e-mail I sent about my change. Thank you for checking up on me. If there is anyone out there I may have forgotten, let me know. I am not, by any stretch, hiding from my fellow bloggers. Just the people who know me but don’t really know me…ya know.

Certain baggage is too heavy to deal with in reality. It’s much easier to share here.

This feels good.

If only you could do this with other aspects of your life.

So, I have changed the kid’s name to “Farfallina” (Fa for short). It means ‘little butterfly’ in Italian. I thought it was appropriate. You?

The husband will now be referred to as “The Provider” (Pro for short)…It’s what he does best. And no, he is not who I am hiding from.

I am now ~JJ! I like it. It makes me smile.
It’s what my friends used to call me in the good ‘ole days.

I’m gonna try to steer clear of the old identities so I can’t be Googled by nosies.

Don’t ask about the dog. I think he’s going away soon. I’ve tried my best to accommodate him and it’s just not working. If anyone knows of a really good home in NY let me know. I’m not kidding. Sadly.

This is cathartic and I needed to do it.

I am in love with all of you who care enough to follow me along.

Margaritas on me!

Oh! And happy Independence Day! Ahhhhhhhh!



  1. Oh, I am sad about the dog. Very.

  2. Margaritas!!

    I’m so there!!!

  3. Ahhhhh – yes that feels nice. I am afraid that we had to get rid of our new pup as well. She was eating our home like it was a gingerbread house and I know hubby is glad to have is backyard back (after we clean up the mess Gracie made). Some things just dont work out.

  4. Hola, JJ!

    I’ve followed you here and would LOVE to have a Margarita with you!

    Or a Margaret, since Lucky’s still nursing. ::sigh::

    or Ahhhhh

  5. You know…I followed you here about a week ago but forgot to add it to my reader until just now.

  6. After my post today I may need to do this ha ha!!

    Glad this is working out for you – and I’m so glad to have found it! (not that I’m stalking you or anything!)

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