July 5, 2007

Anyone out there??? Is this blog on?

So I had to do more housekeeping here…I had to restart etc. A whole bunchya baloney to lose my old e-mail etc…this is a lot of work.

I lost all my wonderful comments from all of my buddies for my first two posts. I’m sad!

So, I’m just making sure the link is still working…

I’m very excited to start fresh.

I am having a hard time saving images and pasting them to my hard drive to use here…I can’t figure that out.

I’m still organizing all of the webrings/posts/etc. that I don’t want to lose. I hope I haven’t screwed anything else up!

Should I post some of my faves here from the other space? Or should I just start ALL over?


I’m really looking to ‘air it all out’ soon…Anything you want to know that I haven’t mentioned before?



  1. I think you may find that at this time of year things can be a bit upsie downsie when so many people are on holiday.
    Best wishes

  2. I’ll follow you anywhere.

    (You might find things slow due to the holiday week though.)

  3. I’m still here! I’d never leave you, baby! πŸ˜‰

  4. Start from scratch and, go ahead, “air it all out.”

    For your pictures, if you right click on them, you should be able to save them to your hard drive directly.

  5. I stripped down, started over, and reposted everything. For myself though, not because I really thought people were going to go back and read my archives . . .

    Nevertheless, I followed you!

  6. I’m here and I made sure to keep your email so I can’t lose ya! LOL

  7. I’m here. And I’m a stalker type friend so you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried. =o)

  8. I think for the most part,people start blogs to vent. Even though the internet is open to the universe,I believe we still have the right to say what we want. If there are people who are hurt by what we say or disagree with our opinion then that’s their choice.
    I still write about what’s on my mind.

    Keep writing from your heart. I don’t know what the story is with your family but they will just have to get over it.

    Thanks for letting me know you where you went. Now if I can remember how to re-link you…..we’ll be all set!

  9. I’m with OTJ…..I’m about to add your new site to my blogroll! I think you should add your faves…just so you don’t lose them.

    What….exactly….sparked the move? Was it a specific post…or a specific family member’s comment? Enquiring minds want to know!

  10. Like the old saying goes: You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.

    You hang in there!

  11. Am still here! Just do what you feel like doing. We shall stay!

  12. Post here or start over? Hey, do whatever seems like fun to you!

    Have you mentioned whether you suffered from hemorrhoids or not? ‘Cuz I’d like to know that there are more than two or three bloggers who’ll admit to it.

  13. I’m on my broom, flying to keep up with you…I haven’t a clue how to answer your questions. I can’t even get Youtube embedded on some of my posts. I’ll be waiting on you to “air it all out.”

  14. I’m also with OTJ…I said yesterday that I’m totally lovin you and I’d follow you anywhere πŸ˜‰

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