Rockin Blogger~

July 6, 2007

Brillig The Great honored me with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award for my new blog…So…Even though I was honored three other times at the other place…I’m going to start over here…And thank you Brillig for bestowing me my very first award here at my new digs.

I rock.

I love it.

I listen to lots of rock. Heavy Metal really, and Hair Metal of course and classic rock. I love it all. I even love musicals. Hair, Rent, West Side Story, American in Paris…All of it.

But I need to pick five rockin’ bloggers now. And since this is my NEW space, I’m not just gonna pick 5 girl bloggers even though it’s what the award calls for…I’m gonna just go crazy and pick five bloggers who rock. Period.

You can choose from my favorite buttons above to bling our your blog…And just because bling is a bloggers best friend!

On with it…

1. Queen of the Shake Shake: You know how much I adore you. I totally think you are a rockin’ mamma and blogga. Rock on sistah!

2. RWA: I know. You’re not a chick, but you do rock. So go forth and rock on brother!

3. Caloden: for so many reasons, you rock. I love your blog because it’s honest and real.

4. Kevin Charnas: You totally rock and roll and play dress up so well!

5. Webmiztris: Totally rocks twice…and I love her new tattoo!

For those above who rock, I salute you!



  1. Well, I must say it is truly an honor to have received this recognition for such a first-class rocker as yourself.


  2. And you do SO rock!

  3. Congratulations You Little Rocker, You. Now I have a few more bloggers to add to my list. Just like I have the time to do that. What will I have to mark off my list of things to do? Oh, maybe dinner or laundry?

  4. Thanks, baby…I’m glad that you think so.

    And congratulations to you too! Obviously, well-deserved.

  5. You sooo rock!

    Thanks for naming me that too! I think I’m gonna make a new rockin blogger bling to put up!

  6. Okay, I have no idea what happened, but I set up my reader with your new URL immediately, and just tonight I thought, “why hasn’t she written anything since her first post?” So I came here to check and I see that you’ve written LOTS of stuff, my reader just wasn’t picking it up. Grrrr. Anyway, here I am! And you do, indeed rock!!!!!

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