Some Questions Answered

July 8, 2007

Queen of the Mayhem asked: What sparked the move to this new space?

Well, this past few weeks/months a thing happened that really upset me and I needed to vent. But I couldn’t do it at the old place because the people I needed to vent about read it. Often. So I got so mad and made the change.

I knew I had to make a move eventually because that part of my life needs to be put out there for me to let go of (blogging has been so good for that) and I should have never told those people about my private space.

I will get to it eventually in some posts I promise!

I am a VERY, and I mean extremely private person. Especially when it comes to airing out THAT laundry and I hate to have anyone know my business. (huh?) and I really, really hated that these particular people read my innermost feelings. Because every time I wrote something I’d get…”I read your blog and…” a whole lecture would ensue. Gah!

So here I am. ready to vent away about the stuff that has been bothering me for more than 18 years.


Queen Heather wants to know if I have hemorrhoids.

I refuse to answer that…

no, just kidding. Nothings taboo here. You know me.

Of course I have hemorrhoids. Doesn’t every mother, person who’s been constipated most of their life, crap-tacular obsessed individual who sits too long?

Now, they aren’t a constant part of my ‘hole’ persona of course, but they do get bitchy during PMS. I hate them and I wish I never met them, but they exist. (Anyone who gave birth and tells you otherwise is a liar…or an extremely lucky bitch.)

So there are the first two questions answered…I know the first answer is still a little vague…But I’m getting there.

Any more…Lay ’em on me. I need some fresh material.


Slick wants to know: What kind of car do you drive and how fast have you ever been in a vehicle?
Well, this is a tricky question…I drive a ’97 Volvo. Family car. I also Drive a ’03 Jeep. I need room for a car seat. I used to drive a ’96 Jeep Wrangler…you know, the kind with the soft top for beach days…But I grew up. That car seat needs safety.

My very first car was a 1979 Cadillac Seville. It was my dad’s car. Then, I got a 1989 Buick Skyhawk and moved onto the ’96 Wrangler.

I have been in a Corvette and a Z28 and gone pretty fast in those cars…I’ve been pretty *ahem* ‘fast’ in a few others too…but I don’t know the names of those…it was a long, long time ago!


Steph! asks: My question is about that dixie cup for periods thingy – I swore I wouldn’t touch one, but didn’t you say you used it? It it good, bad, or ugly?
What you are talking about is this…And no! I haven’t used it yet. Queen Heather has reviewed it here and she was so convincing that I purchased one…I assume it’s en route to these “parts” and as soon as the time is right…I will try it. Then, I will let you know my take on it…I am SOooooo curious.


  1. I have nothing to ask. Now that I know the answer to the hemmorhoid question.

  2. Ah, ‘roids. One good thing about a c-section I suppose.

  3. I find it very frustrating getting the “Oh I was reading your blog and …” Dudes! I am envious that you have a free forum to express yourself. I will get there someday, hopefully once we are back home I can make soodz a family webpage and have a blog to vent 😛

    Till then … I will bite my tongue on occasion!

  4. Vent away, my love…vent away. We’re ready.

    Good job on the move…it will no doubt help immensely! I’ll be sure to edit my blogroll.

  5. I hate roids. never had’em but I’ve seen pictures. They kinda scare me.

    What kind of car do you drive and how fast have you ever been in a vehicle??

  6. Well, for what it’s worth, I’m a private persont too – and I don’t think any of my family or co-workers even know about my blog.

    There are a few things that, in the long run, would probably be good to talk about, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

    As far as the hemorrhoids, I about fell in the floor with your “‘hole’ persona” comment.

    You’re too much!

  7. How long will it take for ‘those people’ to find you here?
    Isn’t there a product to keep our friend Hemmie Royd from poppin’ up ?
    Be sure to check your ‘key word’ search…I’m sure you’ll get lots of hits from this one.

  8. I know some lying mamas out there. Though I can’t remember who said they never had them. Will have to pick my brain to remember so I can confront!

    Why does PMS cause them!? Grrrr….the unanswerable questions of the universe.

  9. only thing worse than the roids is the cure!

  10. I needed a laugh today, your roids answer did the trick. Thanks!

  11. Ah JJ, I love you for telling the world about your roids! If you’ve pushed a baby out, it’s hard to not have gotten them. Why should we be embarassed by it???

    My question is about that dixie cup for periods thingy – I swore I wouldn’t touch one, but didn’t you say you used it? It it good, bad, or ugly?

  12. Of course we all have them. I would write about them more if only I could spell them.

  13. Hate the ‘roids.

    I am so glad I haven’t shared my blog address with people around me. I still censor myself a bit just in case they DO find it, so I guess I’m not really helping myself, eh? ha!

  14. Love your new home…I’ll always kind of miss the old one, since it’s where we “met”, though. I can’t wait to get the whole scoop on your decision to change it up!


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