How to Get Your Balance

July 9, 2007

How do I achieve balance?

Good question. I’m a new Yorker….do we ever feel balanced?

But the answer is simple.

Blog about my life.

That’s why I’m here.

I began blogging a year ago to record my life as a mother, wife and person who’s feet are planted semi-firmly on this earth.

Then, I realized how freeing it was to air out all my ‘dirty laundry’ for the world to read…or not.

So, I began this particular space for myself. To get some free therapy and vent.

It sure feels good.

Maybe I’ll gain some balance in this lifetime…Because my mind, body and soul need to eventually help my heart to beat without fear, anger and anxiety…

I have been through a lot in this life and I know there is a reason for everything. I try very hard to remain compassionate and patient. However, some days it’s not all that easy.

Anyone who says motherhood is easy, is lying. Anyone who says motherhood without a mother is easy is in denial.

Therapy, medication, meditation, self-awareness…it has all made me stronger. But I am still fighting to remain strong. Still fighting to be the best mother for my daughter. Still fighting to find a reason for this life. Still fighting to reach as close to hapiness as I can…

That is my goal.

That is how I will ‘Gain Balance’.

Join me on this journey, will you?


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