7 things

July 13, 2007

Crap! It’s Friday the 13th. Ugly day. I always walk under ladders and cross paths with black kitties…

Margo tagged me.

The first tag in the new space.

Since I haven’t done this here yet…I will now.

Seven things you may not know about me…


Let’s see…

1. I am afraid of the dark.
Like, I mean I see things! Shadows turn to scary creatures. I imagine creepy figures in the corners of rooms, I see people staring at me through windows. I’ve imagined Fa’s face morphing into things that are all evil…(Maybe I’ve watched one too many horror movies?)

2. I never get lost.
I am great with a map and I have a phenomenal sense of direction. No matter where I am, I am like a homing pigeon, I can always find my way home. The Pro says it was one of the things that turned him on about me on our very first trip to California…Bow chicka!

3. I hate public transportation.
I refuse to ride the LIRR or the subways or buses alone. I will take a taxi because I can hail a mean taxi. But I generally hate the underground stuffiness/urine soaked/claustrophobic feeling that comes with the train stations. Buses just scare me.
I do trust the Pro though…he’s a mean railrider…

4. I haven’t taken Fa on any trips over night yet.
The last trip I took was our Wedding/Honeymoon. The Pro wants to go to Disney and Napa and even Italy, but I won’t travel with Fa. She’s never slept in anything but her own bed and I am too ‘structured’ to take her out of her element for fear that she will have a difficult time. In turn, making my life miserable. Plus, I am afraid to fly so I don’t want Fa to see me panicking en-route. How can I be drugged with m y three+ year old in tow?

5. If I don’t get my eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, I am evilmom.
Yes, sweet and innocent me…can be a raunchy bitch if I don’t get enough sleep. So, that is one of the reasons why Fa is kept close to her bed. What’s the point of vacation, if you are too tired to enjoy it?

6. I used to have a license plate that read “ONYRTOES”
…because I was a dance teacher in my previous life…Everyone loved that plate. I wish I never got rid of it.

7. I wear the same jeans over an over again without washing them.
The more worn they get, the more comfy they are. The Pro can’t understand it. But I love a good pair of great fitting, comfy jeans. And when you wash them, it takes forever to loosen them up again.

There you go. Interesting? Oh! I’m so sure.

Anything else you wanna know…No one is asking questions…What happened?



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    That mother and baby picture is FREAKING me out lol!

  2. Hi babes, I am so jealous of you that you can’t get lost. I get lost everywhere and anywhere, and cannot read maps, lucky I haven’t been on the freeway yet!

  3. Ew dude – that picture is incredibly freaky.

  4. I used to wear my jeans over and over and over again before washing them, but now I’m lucky if I get to wear them twice — for some reason, they always seem to collect oatmeal or chocolate or (worst of all!) snot, always on the thigh, at boy-nose level. But the good news is that I’ve slimmed down enough now that I need that fresh from the dryer tightness!

    The ones you pictured are really cute. Do you own such jeans?

  5. I only HAVE one pair of jeans that fit, so I spend a lot of time wearing them. They rarely get washed!

    And that baby picture freaked me out!

  6. Oh my.

    Very nice jeans!!!!!!

    For what it’s worth, I wash mine as infrequently as possible too.

    And I think you should take Fa on a trip. It would be fine – as long as y’all were driving. Does she have stuffed animals or a special blanket she sleeps with?

  7. I am SO with you on the jeans thing….

  8. Oh my gosh, the pics are hi-frickin-larious!!!!!

  9. Ummm…how long TILL you wash your jeans. Cause…ummm…wow. Do they stand up on their own eventually? Not that you are dirty or funky or whatever….

    Oh, and is my email address showing up now on this thing?

  10. Hey, ummm…is that you in the jeans? If so, how do you get to have that frickin’ good of a figure??? Share, dammit, share.

  11. Okay girlie … up there on your “what do you do to get balanced”… you don’t have chocolate listed!!

    that picture up top was fuuuureakky!!

    Yes, I wear my jeans a few times too … I like them nice and comfy…


    I get lost all the time…
    I am so “directionally challanged” that I amaze everyone I know…
    I get lost with directions even…
    I almost think something is wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh, I also meant to say..

    what is that??? I am happy if I get 4 hours of sleep…

    ugh.. it is hard to be all happy and chipper when you’re freaking tired…

  13. JennyHaha reminded me of the tired/funny/happy comment…

  14. hey — you need to do a little traveling. Fa is going to shock your world – when you discover that she is more flexible than you give her credit.

  15. Eeeek! What a weird baby in that photo. How did you do that?

    Thanks for a good laugh. I’ll visit your blog again, if I may. Please do come visit mine. I have a great contest running, with fab prizes, called “Spotlight the Youth.”

  16. i’m with brillg nice pics!! wow no overnights with Fa? that’s crazy i think you need to book your tickets to italy and show her some real farfalinas or however you spell that word 🙂

  17. That picture is seriously the most creepy thing I’ve seen in a while.

  18. The pic for #1 is freaking me out. I’m going to have nightmares and it’s all your fault. Just kidding. I had my hubby check under the bed and in the closet. All clear. I’m with ya on the jeans.

  19. Anyone with a sense of direction is my hero!!

  20. You gotta be SHITTING me about that 8 hours of sleep thing.

    Holy moly, Batman! I’m lucky if I get 6! I should start calling you RIP van WINKLE! xoxo

  21. Wow, where is that first pic from? Is that the It’s Alive baby? Or something else?

  22. If I wear jeans that low rise then my sharpei hangs over the top. BARKING.

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