Day Six and….

July 18, 2007

I’m still counting…

Six days of dry panties…(Mine too actually!) and mine aren’t even in a bunch or anything…We have been pretty calm and cool and somewhat collected around here..


She is so proud and happy and actually cooperative about putting it all in the pot. Hmmm…do you think it’s the M&M’s every time she’s successful. Who cares? It works.

Oh! And I had to call the pound to tell them that Fa is continuing to use the pot and they should stay far away from the dawg.

“R.T. ” has totally found his wormy and obnoxious way into my empty hole of a heart.

Why must he be so annoying?

Why is it that every time I go to pet him he’s up the keyster?

Maybe because I haven’t gone to pet him until six friggin’ days ago!

He’s in shock! Pure and utter shell-shock!

Back to the loo…

We ventured out a few times and she’s stayed dry and happy and she loves to ask me if I love the sound of the pee hitting the bowl…How could I not?

It’s heaven on earth…that tinkle. That joyous sound is like the bells of St. Mary…Ahhhh….

I’m also finding that in order to keep her calm, I have to remain calm and patient and understanding..What a novel farking idea!

When I feel my temperature start to boil and my heart rate increase, I step back and find my ‘happy place’ and make a joke instead of yell. It’s also working.

She sometimes looks at me like: “Who are you and what did you do to my uptight mother?”

But we have been giggling a lot more and I honestly feel relieved that she’s doing it. So is she!

Chicken Little” is her new favorite movie and we watch it once a day…it makes us laugh and it loosens us up…I totally think we deserve that treat after all the hard work we’ve put in…This was one tough friggin’ week.

For both of us.

Today, it rained a lot and there were floods all over NYC and Long Island. The LIRR was delayed for hours so, the Pro is home and we are just lazing around and taking it easy…It feels nice.

Everybody now….Ahhhhhhh!

(P.S…Is anyone having trouble viewing this mess??? Lemme know, huh?)



  1. Yes, I can’t open it up with Internet Explorer…but I can still get to you with Firefox…so no worries!

    Thanks for making my drink come out of my nose on the part where you said you had dry panties too.
    Aah, you funny gal you.

    Congrats on 6 days of Fa being dry…feels kinda like winning the lottery, don’t it ? πŸ™‚

  2. I’m on Firefox and you look dandy.

    Congratulations on the dry panties!!!

  3. I can see you just fine, but in IE the operation aborts ALL THE TIME….

  4. You need to tell me – step by soggy step how you did this. My daughter is ultra resistant to everything we’ve tried.

    We had 2 wet carpet patches yesterday, and while I was putting make up on today she stripped off her diaper – climbed up on the kitchen counter to reach her toothbrush and she peed all over the counter!

    I could swap you my kid for your dog – and you could train her – because getting a dog to go potty HAS to be easier than this!

    Oh – congrats on the 6 days – yay! πŸ˜‰

  5. so the dawg’s name changed too? I was confused for a second.

    Glad things are high and dry at ya’lls place. Give Fa an extra handful (yes, a whole handful) of M&M’s for me. Cuz my name starts with M and Mark’s does do and we are having customized M&M’s for the guests at the wedding!!!

  6. The first time I opened your blog, IE said “operation aborted” and closed the browser. The second time I tried (a few seconds later), it worked….

    “That joyous sound is like the bells of St. Mary”

    Love it. I can’t wait for Little Guy to be potty trained! I’ll be singing Hallelujah as well!

  7. Yeah!!! Congrats–it feels so good, doesn’t it?! Do you feel like you’re living in the can though? Sometimes I just feel like I’ve had enough of singing songs, making up stories, etc. all while sitting on a tiny stool too small for my arse and smelling the lovely wafts of bathroom air….

  8. I am so glad you both are having such a great week!

  9. Congrats on dry panties!

  10. no problem viewing.
    Love that dog. I was offered one free and I regret not taking him now.

    I wonder what kind of google hits you’ll get from this post.

  11. Looking great with my Firefox and hooray for dry!

  12. IE aborts…it does the same thing on my site…

    Great tinkle news!

  13. That is one cute doggy!

    I’m so happy that I can comment again I’m going to comment on every post.

    your obnoxious blogger pal!

  14. For whatever reason.. your blog
    and (Mama’s blog) take forever for me to open…?? I had a problem opening Raising Five’s blog.. but she did something to fix it….

    Love that dog! You know I love that little dog!

    Congrats on the dry panties!

  15. Congratulations on the six-day streak. Hope it continues for a long time.

    When I open your page, I get an error. But then I click “back,” and it’s fine.

  16. Dry panties all around. Hurrah!

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