A letter from Farfallina

July 19, 2007

Dear Annoying Firehouse,

I know you are saving people when you wake me up at three in the morning. I am very happy that you can do that. I hope you are climbing up the roof with your ladder and making your shiny, red truck help you shoot water from your hose. I hope you are saving the puppies and the people from the very bad fire.

But you are very annoying.

Why do you have to make so much noise? And why do you have to make so much noise when it’s so late at night? And why do you have to keep making so much noise? Can’t the brave firefighters hear your annoying siren howl once? It’s loud enough. The daytime sky isn’t even up yet. The sun is still sleeping and the moon is awake. I don’t like to be awake at night. I’m afraid of the dark. Even though Daddy turns on my purple night light at bedtime, I still don’t like the dark.

I have all of my stuffed animals, books and loveys and my water bottle in my big girl bed too, but I still feel afraid. And you are such an annoying firehouse.

Please try to save people during the day and not so much late at night.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to ignore you yet. But I’m working on it.

Maybe, I can play my music all night long instead of just at bedtime and then I won’t hear you.

I’m dying for a full night sleep, firehouse.

Thank you very much!


(Yes, she has said this to the firehouse…on more than one occasion)



  1. I don’t think I’d like to be woken up by all that racket either. And I don’t even sleep with a bunch of stuffed animals or lovies.

  2. finally got on your site…i put www and it worked. the internet is CRAZY.

  3. That is a bummer. No real solution either. Becca listens to tunes throughout the night to tune out some noise …

  4. Poor girl…that would be scary.

  5. You should mail the letter anonymously to the Fire Station 🙂

  6. We lived by the train tracks once. Every now and then a nightmare would correspond to the 3am train accompanied made ever more evident by the blazing horn. Argh. Finally my children got used to it.

  7. haaahaaaaaaaaa. I second the idea to mail it anonymously.

    I’ve had trouble commenting lately…I’m so happy I can now. yay. =)

  8. I could write a similar letter to the garbage man that comes during nap time.

  9. Oh no…. that’s too bad girl….

    Hum.. what to do????

  10. Fa’s letter made me laugh. 😉 I don’t know what to do…maybe soft earplugs?

    We have the opposite problem here: Once Riley takes off her cochlear implant processors, she can’t hear a thing. She does sleep well, though. 🙂

  11. You must live very close to the firehouse.

    My husband retired as a fire captain. They tried their best not to use their sirens at night unless there was traffic… they just flipped on those swirling lights and headed out.

    BUT…. the firetrucks beep when they back into the station house.. nothing they could do about that.

  12. Poor Farfallina…maybe leaving her music on all night will help.

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