I love her

July 25, 2007

I really do.

With all my heart.

But why is everything so difficult?

Why does she fight every move I make? Always up for a challenge.

Is it 3+ year old, only-child syndrome? Too bad, because at the rate she’s going she will be an only child forever.

She has to counter every statement I make?

What do you want for lunch?

I don’t want lunch, I want snack.

Lets go to the mall to buy panties.

No, not now.

You need to go up and nap, it’s been weeks.

No, I’m not tired to nap….(as she’s rubbing her eyes and yawning)

Don’t bust the dog’s chops.

Mamma, RT is biting me!

Don’t touch/do/eat/wet/spill/push/tug/yank/say that.


I’m ready to scream. Actually I did scream.

Did you hear us yelling at each other in the parking lot at Target today?

She wouldn’t get in the car.

She wanted to walk around the mall in her stroller.

So I went to the car to get it and she said she had to pee…So we went back into Target and she didn’t want to sit on the pot. So we went back out to the car to get her stroller so we could trek to the toddler bathroom across the other side of the mall and she made me practically drag her to the car. She didn’t want to walk the way I was walking to the car. So we finally get the stroller and she wants a pretzel. So I buy one but I forgot her water at home. She didn’t want store water, she wanted her water in her purple cup with flowers. So I bought water anyway for myself. She was mad. So we finally get to the ‘family room’ in the mall and she won’t go in. So I go back to other side of the mall again to the car to go home because if she isn’t gonna pee in the mall, we have to leave…the sooner the better to avoid an accident…

She stiffened up and wouldn’t get in the seat. I practically threw her in it. She wouldn’t let me buckle it.

She’s yelling she’s gonna pee…I’m yelling I don’t give a fuck!

We gathered our shit and calmed down just enough to try one more time in the potty at Target because she says she’ll do it and she fucking refuses again.

At this point, my head is spinning and I’m spitting green shit outta my mouth. Plus, I’m cursing like a drunken pirate hooker.

We get back to the car and I strap her ass in the seat the best I can….

…I want my burpie….

Where the fuck did the fucking pink lovey go?

I search the entire car and all the bags in it from front to rear axle.


Gone forever…Probably somewhere in the noisy Target cart I had. Being used by that strange old man with more hair on his back than on his head.

I’m speeding home in a fury and she fucking has the balls to ask me…”Mommy, why am I crying?



On a side note. If you are here you are probably using Firefox…Apparently anyone using Internet Explorer is having issues viewing Blogger Blogs…Blogger help group shows others with the same issues. Any suggestions? I should have switched hosts shouldn’t I? Oh Well.



  1. been there done that.. it does get better.. really.

  2. Wow. Not a fun day, huh? Maybe she was just in one of those moods.

    As far as the Firefox/IE issue, I use IE – and this is the only Blogger blog that I have this problem on. I get an error twice, then it lets me see the page.

  3. I spent 2 hours with an old friend and her almost 4 year old daughter last night and it was the most painful 2 hours of the recent past. my friend was COMPLETELY out of control with the kid. If I have a kid and it acts anything like her kid at that age, it’s going to be grounded until it’s 18! I wish you much better luck than she’s having. Don’t give up control!

  4. No, I am far from balanced (in answer to your question).

    Cold comfort…she sounds like every other kid I have ever met or parented.

    It really does get better. Oh. And I have screamed to. Forgive yourself, move on. She will be a teenager before you know it and still making you crazy.

  5. I’ve been there…
    And I have total empathy for you…
    But I must admit I have giggled over ‘drunken pirate hooker’ as great decriptive to your mother daughter’moment’ at Target…

  6. People still use IE? Wow.

    Sorry your day was so shitty ~ here’s hoping for a better one today!

  7. I wish I could say that I don’t have an idea what you are talking about…but alas, I do.

    Let her pee herself. She’ll learn!

    And it DOES get better! Really. But then it turns into OTHER pains in the butts.

    Oh this is pure joy! MWAH!

  8. You KNOW I can relate! All you can do is stay on her. I swore I would never be a “choose your battles” type of parent…but with willful kids…it’s not an option. Just remember…YOU are the alpha dog in this relationship!
    Drink a martini…and remind yourself of that…better yet…let’s get together and share war stories of public humiliation over MANY martinis!

    You can’t give in……this strong will of hers will serve her well, one day! Until then……try not to lose your sanity..and keep attempting to bend her to your will.

    One day…we will learn how to break their wills without breaking their spirits….right?

  9. Fa’s soul sister lives in my house – seriously! Yesterday I corrected her for shouting at me while I was ‘on the phone to Daddy’ and she stomped up to me and said ‘it’s not a phone, it’s a telephone’!!!

    However, without wanting to jinx anything – I can tell you that we are on day 3 of dry pants!!!! I’ll reveal my tactics in a blog post if she goes to the end of this week with the same success ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some of my posts go screwy on IE also – I’ve never even tried to do anything about it bad blogger that I am!

  10. Like everyone else…been there, done that. It will get better. And then it will get worse. And then it will get better. And then worse, then better, etc. And eventually…they move out!lol Good luck during this period.

  11. Oh oh can I relate!
    I walked home from Starbucks with a screaming preschooler (I did not buy her a cookie) 5 blocks of crying and screaming! I just kept walking. Humiliated but I walked. My kid refuses to nap too.

    I am *told* that they do grow out it. I am trying to be patient, be the nice mom that is gracious through it all … some days I am … some days I am not.

    We will get through this and we will have amazing kids…hugs!

  12. Ditto everything the Queen said (I guess that’s why she’s the Queen!).

    Except I recommend a Margarita instead of a Martini. Tequila has been statistically proven to help mothers calm themselves after stressful days (it’s a survey I’ve conducted myself).

  13. Sounds like some of the mother-daughter days around here.

    Sometimes you just gotta scream…and I do.

    Here’s hoping the next trip to Target is easy as ABP. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Well I haven’t been there, done that…yet. However, I did call my son a horse’s ass on my blog this week, so I do feel your pain.

    Really, I do.

    Damn, blogger.

  15. Oh baby.

    here’s the thing kids= insane. No, seriously though. They are nutty little nuts, but they even out.

  16. Like all Mom’s I’ve been there too.

    When my girls would get like that I’d give them ONE chance only. She had to go potty and didn’t then I’d stick her in the car & head home like the original plan. If she SCREAMED that she had to go I’d say Oh well, you had your chance now hold it. If she peed in the car seat, its washable. The reason behind me doing that is NOT to give into their manipulation. It sounds as if she manipulated you and had you all over the mall. And then you bought her a treat (pretzel) on top of that? And the out come was no better.

    jj, you’ve got to take control of her before she runs all over you. I’m totally serious. My 7 y.o. niece runs over my sister at times. That kid is 7 and can cry/scream for an hour straight. I kid you not. She had another “episode” Monday night b/c she didn’t get two scoops of ice cream. I live next door & had to close doors/windows. And that child tries to be an expert in manipulation.

    Don’t let your girl run over you. So what if she cries, its not like she’s going to crack & break! She’ll stop crying eventually.


  17. My God, I’ve so been there. You know you love them. But at those particular moments you want to run away from home/Target/Zoo/insert appropriate place here and leave crying/tantruming/exorcist child there.

    The nice thing is that they ideally quickly recover from the madness..or you close them in their room until they do (tee hee)

  18. I feel like I still act like that and I’m 34. Of course I’m also pregnant and hormonal.

    But there has been more than one evening when I have asked my husband, “Why am I crying?”

    Poor little Fa.

    Poor Momma.

  19. Ummm..I have nothing to say. ABsolutely nothing. If I lived up there or you were here, I’d offer to babysit for the afternoon. We’d have a grand ole’ time and you could go and kick back somewhere for a few hours.

    But I don’t. And I have no meaningful advice except I think she just may be testing her little wings. I am sure it sucks.

    And did you really yell “I don’t give a fuck”? Cuz I admit, I’d laugh if I walked by in a Target parking lot and heard that.

  20. that was quite an ordeal… and she is only 3.

    ooooewwwweeee ma ma…. call the SUPER NANNY…(:

    I’m in firefox. I’m going to flip over to I/E and see what you mean

  21. I’m continuously amazed by the strong will and determination of kids when they decide to test the limits. I never knew a three year old could be so damn manipulative until I became the parent of one!

    I know every kid is different and there are no cookie cutter solutions, but the only thing that has worked for me is not giving in to the madness. As soon as the behavior starts, I take my son aside, kneel down to his level, hold his hands and very, very calmly tell him how much he’s disappointing me with his behavior and what I expect from him. I then tell him if he changes his behavior he can choose his reward (I make him choose right then), but if he continues acting out then the consequence is (insert consequence here). I tell him that this is his only warning. And then I ask him if he understands.

    Amazingly, it has worked EVERY single time I’ve had to do it. Again, I know it won’t work for all kids, but it works for mine so I thought I’d share …

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