Late Bloomer….

July 27, 2007

As you know, we went to buy panties at the mall…But not just for Fa….For the two of us.

By the way, Fa has been dry for two weeks now! (But I’m not braggin’)

I have a question for all of you women out there…who wear panties…I assume that’s all of you.

Do you wear bloomers?

OK, I didn’t up until this morning.

Wait, don’t go, let me explain!

I mean I actually still fit into the panties I wore before I had Fa. I still HAVE the panties I wore before I had Fa. Strings, bikinis, teeny weenies…I mean, I don’t actually LOOK the same as I did in said panties before Fa. However, only I see that difference. The Pro doesn’t claim to notice! And they fit. And I’m cheap. VSecrets are friggin’ expensive and if they still fit, are in pretty good condition, and work the same why buy more?…They’re only a few (ahem 5+) years old…

But, in all the excitement of panty shopping for Fa, we bought panties. Together. After she picked out hers, she wanted me to get some new ones too. How sweet. Is she paying? But I could use a few updated panties!

So we went to the “Mommy Section” in heaven Target and I grabbed a few that looked really cute on the stick figure model in the picture on the package. And double yay, they kinda matched Fa’s Hanes. Twins!

After I showered today and dressed Fa in her “Happy Feet” Hanes… I went to put my new “bikini panties” on and I should have known by the way they billowed out of the packaging like a bed sheet. They are fairly large.

Bloomer like, even…
I laughed out loud at the sheer thought of wearing bloomers. Like a granny.

Granny Panties!

Then, through the fits of giggling, I slid them on…Hmmm…You know what?

Cotton. I don’t think I’ve ever worn cotton panties…

They’re pretty friggin’ comfortable.
What was I waiting for all these years? I paid $4.99 for a set of 10 panties. And they are really comfy.

VSecrets better start learning from Hanes….I think they may have lost a customer.

But I swear, they didn’t look like that on the model. I think I bought them too big.

My panties don’t resemble that…
could it be that my ass doesn’t resemble that?

The Pro says I look like his mother now.



  1. Great minds think alike…I’ve been working on a panty post!

    Hanes is onto something with their cheaper panties…VS is tto expensive for my cheap ass. Pun intended.

  2. Hahah! I’m the same way, kinda, with underwear. Between the gaining weight with pregnancy, then losing it, but not being back at PRE-preg weight, I’ve had a really hard time buying underwear. I never know what size to buy and usually err on the large side. I wear them anyway. (I speak of the “Hanes” I’ve been buying since then.)

  3. Oh I love to blog and read about panties!

    Hipsters all the way for me know. My grossly stretch marked stomach and loose skin caused by a 9 and a half pound baby all out in front makes it a criminal law for me to wear bikinis. If you can imagine the cottage cheese roll OVER the waistband. I refuse.

    Hipsters…just high enough to cover the roll but low enough to disqualify itself as granny panties.

  4. I loved reading this! 🙂

    I love my panties.. I’m very particular.. they have to be comfy, but I like ’em to look good. It’s hard to find the perfect ones.

    take care and happy Friday!

  5. Bwahahaha! I have the hardest time buying undies that fit…and I only buy VS when they have the 5 for $25 sale.

    I haven’t worn Hanes since before my girl, nearly 6 years ago! Maybe it’s time to check ’em out again. 🙂

  6. When dealing with panties…comfort is definitely the way to go. I have even heard something about cotton panties being better for women who are prone to yeast infections…another plus in my book..lmao.

    Sorry did I get to personal there?? lol

  7. I have some old panties too. I can’t believe you’ve never had cotton panties!! Even from Vickys, I buy the signature cotton panties!

  8. Cotton panties rock!

    No more strings and teeny weenys for me.

  9. I recently posted about the maternity undies I had that we called “grill covers” b/c they were sooo large—we could have used them to cover the bbq grill. by the end of the pregnancy—the were the most comfy undies I owned!

  10. All cotton all the time, althought the cute little cotton majoobers from Vicky’s secret…

  11. Gah, I’ve done the cotton panties thing for a while now! Though I wear fitted, almost girdle-like panties when I leave the house, I love lounging around in my cotton ones at home! I think you have inspired me to post about my own favorite pair of panties now!

  12. My butt is too big for cute tiny panties. I have gotten mighty comfy in the boy shorts style undies. I can’t do the “panty” style any more b/c I don’t like the feeling of elastic chocking my thick thighs! lol

    Congrats on 2 weeks dry!

  13. God that’s funny!!!
    This reminded me of the scene in She’s Having a Baby…

  14. I have always thought comfort was more important than “name” when it comes to underwear.

    Of course, I have no idea about panties – but I would assume it would be similar.

  15. granny panties. Yup. I’m an old fart now!

  16. In my opinion as long as a gal is wearing panties all is good 😀

  17. I go for the costco versions these days. 🙂

  18. cold wash them… at that price they’ll shrink.

    (well maybe mind didn’t really shrink.. ahem)

  19. Hell to the yes!!!

  20. You know your panties are in sad shape when your husband comments on their sorry state. Yup, that’s my situation. I’ll spend extra on good quality stuff because I want to use them forever.

    I love posts about panties!

  21. wheeeeeeeee! I can comment again. I have a love/hate relationship with the comment section of your blog.

    I’m a hipster girl, too.

  22. It’s all about comfort, baby!

  23. heheh – the panties *never* look like they do on the photo! post-baby, I figure that as long as I don’t have to pry them off with a crowbar at the end of the day, it’s all good. And it doesn’t matter what style, it’s all about the seams. Or lack thereof.

  24. totally funny. be comfy girl! and so adorable how your little one wanted you to get some undies, just like she did. thanks for coming by this morning, kathleen

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