July 30, 2007

The Pro ‘All Thumbs’ broke my favorite coffee mug.

The mug I’ve had since before I even drank coffee.

I have had this mug so long, I can’t even tell you were I got it.

I’ve been drinking coffee out of this mug for at least 15 years.

I loved this mug.

Notice the missing handle.

Notice the glue job.

He tried to glue the handle back on… but in testing the strength of the glue, he re-broke the mug.

I have been drinking coffee out of it anyway because I can’t stand to get rid of it. I think I’ll keep it for prosperity’s sake.

But I found a replacement. It’s not my favorite mug. But it works for now. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

I’ve been searching for a few weeks now….

Introducing…The new ‘mornin’ mug’….

It’s like two mugs in one…That’s a whole lotta coffee!
Should hold me over every morning right?

I love the detail, just like the ones you get at the actual place…but it’s ceramic, not cardboard!

Yeah, it’ll do.

Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about butterfingers though…He’ll pay.



  1. WTG on finding the new mug…it looks like it will be good for giving you a nice sized caffeine fix. I wanted to thank you so much for stopping in this weekend and sending some kind words my way. It means a great deal to me and I really appreciated it. Thanks again.

  2. Hmmph. Maybe he should make it up to you by purchasing you a spa day that would relax you into oblivion…and make you forget about your favorite mug.

  3. I second Cherann’s idea!

    That is like a bucket more than a mug – definitely necessary though 🙂

  4. Rest in peace ballet mug.

    My thoughts are with you in your time of need.

    Glad you found a suitable replacement. Now as for The Pro…

  5. Tell him to try Gorilla Glue. I’m serious. It sticks anything together.

  6. bastard! *shakes fist*

  7. EGADS not the coffee mug! That is tragic.

    We found these amazing mugs at Target they are huge and yet oddly comforting. I hope your new mug gives you the morning ahhhh factor your old one did!

  8. I followed you over from Canadian Flakes blog, Hope you don’t mind me popping in once in a while.

    I haven’t cared to much about the mugs, seeing as we break at least one a month. but when kiddo knocked my most favorite, one of a kind, can’t replace it, vase off the counter and it shattered into 5 million pieces, Yeah that one upset me.

  9. I like cheranns way of thinking…continue to be “upset” until he throws gifts at you…

    On the brightside the replacement mug will allow for much more caffeine in one sitting – something all mom’s need!

  10. Hi, just wanted to stop in and mention that I gave you a shout-out and award on my blog today…so if someone comes and says I sent them…I did..lmao. Watch out for that burfica…she is a nutty one (j/k..I love her lots and she is a good egg).

  11. Oh noes! I am so sorry to hear about your favorite mug! I do like the new one, too, though. That’ll hold a lot of coffee for sure!

  12. Aah, you should have The Pro scour the earth for a replica!

  13. I agree with the ladies above. Go get a mani/pedi. And a new outfit. He’ll learn.

  14. I give up on favorite mugs. House elf always steals them anyway.
    I need to get a PMS one and have him take it to work before he realizes what it says.

    Visiting from Burfica’s blog

  15. Flake—are you saying I’m oval in shape????

  16. feeling your pain.
    broke my favorite drinking glass – the one with the hot air balloons on it.

    no one to blame but me.
    at least you have someone to blame.

  17. Oh! I love the detail on the side of the cup too! Very cool.

  18. sell out.

    your favorite mug deserves numerous rounds of super glue & even duct tape if necessary.

  19. Maybe you should move to something less breakable, like plastic…or flannel.

  20. I recently broke two mugs. One I had had since Wally and I started dated. It came with flowers he sent. And then I broke a mug I bought on our honeymoon. I know the pain.

  21. I have 2 of those Sbux mugs. One on my desk at work and one at home. I LOVE em.

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