August 1, 2007

Who else is on Facebook and Myspace?
What are the other ones out there too???

Go on admit it.

I will.

I just joined Myspace.

Only because I was invited by a fellow blogger….to keep tabs on her cool new band.

Facebook seems to be the “Bloggers” home base…
Janet Pandthatsallyourgetting's Facebook profile
I made a badge!

I know the stigma attached to Myspace…so I was hesitant..But there are some cool band Myspace pages and I wanna join all of ’em…And I just know other bloggers are members…

Anyone else…Add me. Please. I have only a few friends on MySpace….

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

I need more crap to keep me attached to the laptop.

I’m such a dork.



  1. I have MySpace. It isn’t so bad if you keep it all in perspective.

    These people who have hundreds and thousands of “friends” don’t get it. Bands, celebrities and all that nonsense.

    I’ll try to find you out in MySpace land.

  2. Hmmm…can’t “find” you if I don’t have certain information it seems.


  3. I’ll try to find you on Myspace, but facebook is waaaaaay cooler!

  4. Yeah, I don’t know your last name! hahaha…

    Just friend me! 😀

    I have to admit I LOVE myspace. I got in contact with a lot of my old friends on there and I talk to my SIL all day at work. hahaha. I never really dug facebook because I like to personalize my stuff and it just seems harder to use AND they want way too much info about you.

    Also: people add celebrities and bands they like to their friends as a way of promotion – which is the whole reason myspace started. FOR the bands.

  5. I hate myspace, yet without it practically every band in our area wouldn’t even know we existed, so in that respect it’s very cool!

  6. I have wondered about myspace and facebook…but didn’t really know what purpose they served…see?? I AM the one that is the dork…because I am techno-dumb..lmao

  7. all about the facebook. I didn’t really “get it” either, but got too many invites to refuse. Now, I’m a total addict.

    I still claim not to “get” myspace, but that’s only so I get hooked on something else 🙂

    I’ll go give you a poke for good measure!

  8. I’m so not cool…I’m not on Facebook.
    I better get with the times, huh!

  9. I’m a myspace nerd. 😉

  10. I’m a MySpacer…I’m afraid I’d never have time for real life if I added Facebook to my blog, my MySpace and my favorite blog reads. 🙂

  11. Have you looked up all your old boyfriends yet? Now there’s a good time.

  12. Haha, I’m still pretty much brand new over at Facebook, but I like that place, too. What I like best is that, unlike myspace, you can share your blog entries at Facebook without having to actually cut/paste and crosspost in another blog.

    I also have a livejournal (http://devilishbelle.livejournal.com), though I haven’t updated in ages and have pretty much quit going over to check on my friends there. I’m so bad, I know.

  13. ok I am not the only one that cannot add you … phew. I am not totally into the MySpace thang … but I have a page up so that I can keep in contact with a few people that only do the MySpace thang! (I have a link on my sidebar for my myspace, add me so we can look cool together)

  14. I don’t know your last name or the email you used…so add me if you want to JJ!


    I think I created a facebook page because of Jackie but I haven’t done anything with it.

  15. I sent you an add! 🙂

  16. too old.
    can’t keep up with first blog.
    I have 10 things written down that I want to write about.. no time.
    summer chores in the yard
    dust in the closets
    cobwebs in my mind

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