Outlandos d’Amour

August 2, 2007

Saw The Police last night at the Garden.

No, not the cops!

The Police…Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers…Yeah baby.

I am even more in love than I ever was before. You know how I get when I see a band live.

I fall. Hard.

I won’t link videos. You know their songs. If you don’t, crawl out from under that very large rock you are living beneath and go buy some albums.

And never come here again until you do.

Some of my favorites from last night in no particular order: (I can never remember the order)
**So Lonely
**King of Pain
(My two very faves of all time)
Every Breath You Take
Don’t Stand so Close to Me
Wrapped Around Your Finger
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Synchronicity II
Next to You
Hole in My Life
Walking On The Moon
The Bed’s Too Big Without You
Every Little Thing She Does..
Invisible Sun
Can’t Stand Losing You
Message in a Bottle
The Truth Hits Everybody
Message in A Bottle
Driven To Tears
When the World is Running Down
Walking in Your Footsteps

Wait, I think that’s every song. Yeah, it is.

All I wanna know is how those three stayed so frickin’ hot after all these years? They hardly even sweat. They are all so in shape and gorgeous. Oh! And talented too.

Stewart Copeland ran from drum kit to drum kit the entire night. He had a gigantic gong and some other percussion instruments behind his regular kit that he kept running between. I still don’t know how he kept the time…

The Garden had sold out seats behind the stage and the oval shape of the stage allowed the band to walk around and greet the fans from the back. They had some pretty good interaction with the band!

What pissed me off about the show. (And this HARDLY ever happens!) When I’m at a show, I never pay attention to the audience around me…I am there for the experience of the band.

But, the place was packed (it seemed) with people who thought they were going to see “The Sting Show” and sat for most of the time until songs like “Roxanne” and “Every Breath You Take” started.

What the?

There were Police fans out there that couldn’t get tickets for last night’s show because those yuppy assholes scoffed up their tickets to hear “Roxeanne” and then sit the rest of the show and chit chat. Just to say they saw The Police.

Obviously I’m generalizing but that was the atmosphere around me..

I was grateful that the two undeserving beyatches in front of me only popped their asses out of their seats to dance to the ‘cool’ songs…because that meant I had a better view of the band most of the night. I got to see three of the most talented musicians of my time, perform live…and I wasn’t missing a note.

We had great seats. I tried to take a picture of the stage before the show, to remember how close we actually were but they didn’t come out great. And I was NOT stopping to rip out my cell phone again to snap fuzzy pictures of the band. Like I said, I wasn’t missing a beat!

So all in all the concert itself was amazing. The surrounding audience…hardly amazing.

I am so grateful that I got to see The Police live…Now if only I could find tickets for Friday’s show….



  1. Ugh, one of my biggest pet peeves. Who goes to a freakin’ concert to sit?! If you can’t see because I’m standing, get your ass up outta your seat. 😉

    I would’ve loved to have been there with ya!

  2. We flew to Cleveland to see them because we couldn’t get good seats at the Garden. I would have loved to have seen them there though.

    I thought it was a great show. Sting and Stewart (it was his b-day the night we saw them!) were amazingly awesome. Andy though, I have to say, Andy just seemed plain lost a couple of times. Either that, or he decided to completely rewrite a couple of songs 😉

    But yeah, it did have an atmosphere of “This is the place to be” rather than “We freaking love The Police.”

    So cool that you got to go!

  3. Sounds like an amazing time. I have never been to a live concert but would love to go sometime. Don’t know if I could handle the crowds though..darn I AM getting old..lmao.

  4. Ok, don’t kill me…but I didn’t think they were together anymore.

    Alright, let me go crawl back under my rock now…

    Glad you had a good time. They are really talented. I love the song Secret Journey. It’s one of my faves !

  5. Good for you!!!!

    And “So Lonely” is my favorite song by The Police.

    New Orleans and Churchill Downs were great shows. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to see them in Madison Square Garden.

  6. Also, I’ll be able to catch Nov. 17 in Atlanta in the second round of the North America stops.

    You do know they’ll be back at MSG on Halloween, right?

  7. Oh my gosh. I’m so SO jealous. It sounds like an absolute dream come true. yay for you!!!!!

  8. LOVE The Police, I met Sting when I lived in San Diego and he is so hot, but kind of um, well, a little smelly so while I still adore him, I call him Stingk.

  9. Oooo the Police … totally on my list! Sorry the crowd was not what they should have been. who the heck is Sting? 😛 hehe

  10. I think Sting stays fit from all that tantric sex he has with his wife! He is HAWT…his wife…not so much!

    Glad you had fun!

  11. of course you noticed Stewarts “big gong” hehehehehe

  12. I.




    damn it.

  13. You fell hard??? So did I!!! Oh wait, you weren’t being literal. I get it.

  14. Sounds like an AMAZING time, despite the stupid yuppies. I know what you mean about falling….I always fall for the bands I see live, too. Hard. Really hard. But it’s a wonderful feeling!

  15. You are seriously the coolest. The Killers and now THe Police? Maybe I should just follow you around and be YOUR groupie.

    “Every Breath You Take” in my humble opinion is one of the greatest songs ever written. I heard Sting still makes some outrageous dollar figure on royalties every day from that song. Like $50,000 a day or something crazy like that.

  16. The Police. Great band…I saw them back in 197O something or early eighties, anyway, it was the first time they came to T.O.

    I was 17 I think, so 78, 79? I was really stoned and Sting was not wearing a shirt.

    nuff said.

    Their first album absolutely blew everyone away. What a time for music that was.

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