What’s in a Name?

August 3, 2007

Before I started calling him ‘Daddy’ for Fa’s sake, I had many nicknames for The Pro.

I only call him by his given name when I am mad or upset. We never use each other’s real names. Even for Fa. I love nicknames. They are a sign of affection and love and I always felt when someone called me by my real name…it wasn’t right. The people closest to me always had a nickname for me.

When we first started dating I called him “Boyfriend”. And other names like “Lipper”, “Bear” and “Mista”. You know, cutesy and cuddly names.

That lasted a long long time…Then, we got married and our relationship changed so I started calling him “Husband”.

But that was kind of hard to say all the time. I started calling him “Dog”. I know. I can’t even explain why. I think it was just something ‘gangsta’ and ‘hip’ and I started using it as a joke and it stuck.

Then, we began thinking about a kid and I started calling him “Papa Bear”. But that seemed unfit since we didn’t have the kid yet and I didn’t feel right. So “Dog” stayed around for a while longer.

When Fa came along, she started calling my dad ‘Papa’ so I couldn’t use it for The Pro too.

Too confusing.

Fa and I both started calling him “Daddy”. I like it. He’s a wonderful daddy and it is an honor to give him that title. He’s a special one.

Once in a while I’ll call him “Babe” and Fa gets a kick outta that because she knows what a “baby” is and wonders why I say that to her Daddy. Then, every so often, I’ll call her “Babe” and she giggles because I called her “Daddy’s name”.

Today, we are married six years. And all of those names still suit The Pro perfectly. I wouldn’t change his name(s) or his heart for anything in the world. I am honored to call him my husband and today I call him ‘my heart’. Because he is forever embedded into it.

Happy Anniversary Babe, Dog, Husband, Daddy, Lipper, Bear.

I love you.



  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two!!!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your Babe!

  4. Happy Anniversary! This made me laugh. My husband and I started calling each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” when we started dating. Now that we have been married for four years, we still use it since “husband” and “wife” just doesn’t work.

  5. Aww, congratulations!

    I’m so with you on the nickname thing too. I have nicknames for just about everyone !

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you two!!!!

    I call both my husband and son honey and baby and sweetie so they both answer. hehehehe

    I think what I call my hubby most is “dumb ass” heheheh no not really, just on those special occasions.

    My son called me honey for the first two years of his life though, cuz that’s what my hubby always called me. It was cute.

    Enjoy the love, it’s great when it just keeps getting better!!!!

  8. Happy anni JP and fam.

  9. Happy anniversary!!!! I love your names for him.

    We have the silliest names for each other, too. When he calls me those names, it makes me feel loved and special…no one else has the honor of calling me those names.

    Cool post!

  10. Awww, happy anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Very sweet! have a happy one!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!

  14. Happy Anniversary …

    reminds me of that song by Little River Band! from the 80s…

  15. Happy Anniversary!

    I call Mark babe, sweetie and stupid things like monkey butt, chocolate milk-monkey love, acorn head. Basically stuff that makes no sense. People (esp. his mom) think we are odd. But I like it.

    Good for you – nicknames rock.

  16. Happy Anniversary, Baby…I got you on my mi–iiiiiind!

  17. He doesn’t care what you call him…as long as you call him for supper. (that was always what my mom said about nick names)

  18. Well Happy Anniversary!

    Just don’t start calling him “father” or have him start calling you “Mother” as my parents are now starting to do, it’s just a sign that social security is around the corner πŸ™‚

  19. Here’s to six wonderful years together…or whatever you call it!

  20. Lipper. That’s interesting. My dirty mind is racing about what “Lipper” stands for.

    Happy Anniversary!

  21. Happy Anniversary!
    …and, that’s very sweet!

  22. A belated happy anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  23. I’m still not used to you blogging over here! Sorry I’ve been away!

  24. Congrats! (I have had the hardest time accessing your blog. It seems to have resolved itself – thankfully!)

  25. Hope you and your babe had a great anniversary. I wish you both many more years of happiness. Congrats.

  26. that was very sweet. πŸ™‚

    happy anniversary!

  27. awwww. I love, love, love the names for your honey. And happy Anniversary, darlin!!

    Tomorrow I’m going to start calling Matt Dog. hehe. =P It’ll give me something fun to do on my otherwise dreary Monday.

  28. Happy Anniversary! My in-laws always have nicknames for everyone too. Maybe those are the names I should use in my blogs.

  29. Happy Anni, you two little love birds! Great post!

  30. Oooo Happy Anniversary!!!

  31. Aww that was too sweet! I hope you two had a happy anniversary. πŸ™‚

    My husband (Bill) and I have been separated for years which probably explains why my nickname for him is Bildo.. needless to say, he isn’t too fond of it. πŸ˜€

  32. Happy Anniversary!

    (Love the “dog”!)

  33. That was a sweet post. Happy anniversary

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