Doctor Doctor…here is the news…

August 10, 2007

So Fa.


She blew me away.

Behaved like a really big girl in there.

Got her blood pressure taken with the arm band and all..Sat like a champ.

Weighed herself on the scale..ahem…39 and 3/4 pounds. Big chick. (90%ile in weight)

Measured her height…ahem, ahem…42 inches. Big, big chick. (95%ile in height)

She’s 3 and a half.

She chatted up Dr. H. and brought her very own “Dr. Kit” (or “Dr. Kid” as Fa likes to call it) to help out. She checked mommy while Dr. H. checked Fa. She read for the doctor and sang her ABC’s and counted to 100. She told the doctor her favorite parts about summer and told the doctor that she takes her vitamins and eats her veggies..liar, liar pants on fire.

But I told the Doctor the truth and she insists that Fa eat veggies and says she must take her vitamins. So more fighting for me in the mornings…yay me.

The doctor was impressed.

So was I.

Go girl.

The very best visit yet since birth. Maturity serves you well my sweetie.

Now we just hafta get you to the dentist and you are ready for school!

Can someone get me a Valium?



  1. See? You were dreading it – and it went well.

    I am impressed that she counts to 100 – and she’s only 3-1/2? I’m not sure I can count to 100.

  2. wtg congrats to you and her. I don’t blame you for worrying about the dentist. My daughter is 15 and I am still afraid to take her. Everytime I took her when she was younger it was TERRIBLE. Then we lost dental coverage…no way to pay for it gave me an easy out…not much scares me but the dentist does (taking my kids, not me)

  3. Wow, such a big girl! I am so proud of her 🙂

  4. Yay, Fa!!!

  5. Yay Fa!

    The dentist experience relies a lot upon the hygentist (sp?). And at her age it’ll primarily be counting the teeth, some cleaning, and a visit to the “prize box” at the end.

  6. oh good girl!!

  7. YAY Fa!! What a big girl.

  8. Way to go Fa!

  9. …I gotta bad case of loving you…Thanks, I;m going to have that song in my head all day!

    Glad it went well!

  10. If I gave you my valium, what would I take to calm my nerves? LOL.

  11. What a cool story. It makes me want to get a Dr. kit!

  12. The DENTIST NOW???

    Oh jesus…I would’ve rather eaten dirt than go on a trip to the dentist. And he was my uncle…which makes perfect sense as to why I would’ve preferred to eat a pile of dirt…trust me.

  13. yayyyyyyyy I love good visits.

    Kiddo’s visit this year he had to get 5 shots. They wanted me to come back two more times, so I could break them up into different times.

    I said, nope give him all 5. lmaooooooooo

    He did really good just holding my hands and hyperventalating. 2 nurses on each side tag teaming him. But when it came time for the 5th he screams WAITTTTTTTTT so everything stopped. Took about 5 minutes before he would let us do the 5th shot.

    Oh yeah, he got a major extra large ice cream for that one. lol

  14. YAY! I am so glad she did so well. Doctor kits totally are worth it. Helped Becca with the eye doctor.

  15. Whoo Hoo Fa! What a big girl!

    Do you have a pediatric dentist? They rock. If you don’t have that, dude, shh, I have some Valium. (((JJ)))

  16. Way to go Fa!

  17. Valium on the way – any shooters with that?

  18. Bravo, Fa! Good luck at the dentist. *shudder*

  19. The dentist!! Geez, Stephen’s 4 and I haven’t crossed that bridge! LOL

    Go Sti…uuuuuu…Fa!! 😉

  20. good girl!!

  21. Cracks me up how kids lie to docs. Mine went to the the dentist today and all 3 of them lied about how often they brush and floss.

  22. wait… she’s only 3.5 and she’s going to preschool 5 days a week? Is she in a montesorri school or something?

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