One Song…Glory

August 13, 2007


Saturday Night.

With him and him in their returning roles as Roger and Mark.

And her as Mimi.


I cried.

A lot.

Seeing the original cast members reviving their characters in the flesh was hypnotizing. I have been dying to see this happen and it actually did…

The show, of course was fantastic and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone was thrilled to see ‘Roger’ and ‘Mark’ do their thing. And they do it flawlessly.

When ‘Roger’ came on stage grasping his guitar at the beginning of the show, the audience went wild. They didn’t even let ‘Mark’ begin speaking for at least five minutes. Rockin’.

It was truly magical. Nothing like Broadway Baby!

Before the show, we ate at BLT Fish. Talk about yum. Holy tuna. De~licious! And the waitstaff…very attentive and polite.

Then, after the show we visited some friends in Chelsea. (For a Penthouse apartment, youda thought they had a lot of space. It was teeny-tiny and the RENT! Shit.)

Had some drinks and by 1am I thought I should be headin’ home. I mean really.

So, of course I slept most of Sunday, much to The Pro’s chagrin. He claims every time I go out late…The next day is a waste.

Listen. Whateva.

I had a farking blast and I am in awe of that show. I want to go see it again before Adam Pascal’s and Anthony Rapp’s run is up…I doubt it but wishful thinking.

And how was your weekend?



  1. Not nearly as exciting as yours, unfortunately!

  2. Not as good as yours was!

    OMG, aren’t they awesome??? I LOVE that show (it’s been a number of years since I saw it), and would love to see those guys live. That’s it – we are going together this weekend. Put your pushup bra on and let’s go, sista.


  3. Watch this! http://broadwayworld.com/videoplay.cfm?colid=20449

  4. I won’t get into my weekend, but I am glad you enjoyed yours!

  5. Wow! I love hearing about your adventures! I’ve never lived in a big city and have never had access to such fun things to do.

    That said, my weekend was not even slightly exciting.

  6. Well I thought mine was pretty good…until I read about yours 🙂

  7. I am so jealous!

  8. Your weekend sounds so so New York and fancy!

  9. So fun! My daughter just saw Mary Poppins last week and now she understands. Nothing like Broadway.

  10. i love Rent…so lucky.

  11. my weekend sucked…glad you had a great time. It sounds like a blast.

  12. ooooooooooooooh you LUCKY girl!! I must come visit you one day and see a show. I’ll act normal, I promise. You can just tell your friends I’m your crazy cousin from godknowswhere….=)

  13. Isn’t it such an amazing show?!

    It was the first thing that I saw after Les Mis that could even come close to comparing.

    Glad you had a blast!!

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