Bored much?

August 14, 2007

I’m having a ball on FaceBook.

I gave out drinks, tattoos, all sorts of crazy stuff. Can you tell I’m looking for some fun?

I’m bored.


I changed RT’s food. The pet store (hmmm) claimed that this new “natural” stuff will make his crap harder and more manageable (read: easier to pick up)…and less, uhm less…of it. Yeah right. He’s shitting all over my house again. Like a fucking over caffeinated horse! Ugh. What the hell happened?

I followed the switch-over rule:
70% Old food mixed with 30% new food for the first two days.
50/50 for the next two days.
30% old food mixed with 70% new food for the next two days.
and 100% new food from then on out…

He’s a crap machine.

(But it is easier to pick up …. IN the HOUSE)

What do I do?


I can’t stop singing and thinking RENT. I am obsessed. How do I get it outta my head? Any suggestions?


Fa’s been waking up in the middle of the night because she “doesn’t want to be alone”! I am so tired. She’s afraid of the dark. This has been an issue for a while now, but she’s been sleeping. Now, it’s a screetching call for me in the middle of the night and I lay with her for a ‘song’ then go back to bed. Sounds simple enough…But it’s happening 3-4 times a night.

I need a nap.

I’m not good on limited sleep.

Plus I’m still off from Saturday’s adventures.


Fa’s been dry in the daytime for a month now. She’s got this potty thing down. At night it’s a different story, but she rocks the daytime man!

Go Fa!

Gotta love dry panties!


I go for my sonohysterogram tomorrow. Wish me luck. I’ll need it. I’m very nervous. Catheters and my cervix don’t mix well.

Never have, never will.

And I hate the table…oh! and don’t even get me started on the probe! Gah. I wanna vomit every time I think about it.

I still haven’t heard about my Lumpy Boob yet. Maybe I should call the gyno today? hmm. Ya think?


We’re going out to dinner tonight because The Pro’s cousin is in from Australia. That should be fun. I like his cousin. He’s so nice. He sounds like these guys. And Fa likes him because of that.

I have to really strain to listen to him talk…but he says the same thing about me. Hmmm. I don’t have a New Yawk accent! (*snort*)


I’m stressed. Over everything. Can you tell?

Wanna come over for a drink? I had the best margarita on Saturday..I’m in the mood for another.

If you made it this far, you are invited.



  1. do you live in NYC, jealous if you do…

  2. Margaritas?!

    I’m so there!

  3. Oh goodness. You could surely use a drink. If we lived within the same city, I’d be there in a second to take you out.

    Good luck with that appointment. Catheters are no fun. Hang in there.

  4. Good grief…you’ve got a lot going on! Hope everything goes well tomorrow.

    This is probably a stupid question – but do you have a night light in Fa’s room? Maybe that would help.

    Not sure what to suggest about the dog and his issues.

  5. Kiddo did that from 2 to 3. We both worked at that time, so we just put him in bed with us. Then he got to big, so it was a million times up.

    We tried the night light, but the only thing that helps is if we leave the bathroom light on. Which is right next to his room.

    I’ve been exhausted since he was born. He sleepwalks, and gets up about 1 to 4 times a night, about 4 or 5 nights a week. And he’s 11. ahhhhhhh

  6. I wish I were closer to take you out for a drink, watch Fa for a while so that you can nap, and hold your hand when you CALL YOUR GYNO.

    I’m thinking about you!

  7. I love the new picture on top! hehehe

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate.

    I don’t miss picking up dog poop. But I do miss our dog.

  8. About mid way through I was going to suggesst you come over for a cocktail…but then I noticed you invited me over.

    So give me a minute and I’ll hop a plane 😉

  9. Yay, Fa!

    I wish I knew what to tell you about the dog. Mine isn’t very housebroken either, but that’s mainly because most of the time it’s just the kids and I taking her out, and we’re not able to take her out late at night while we sleep, or during the day while we’re at work/school.

    Best of luck with the dr visit tomorrow. I don’t like catheters, either, but sometimes they are a necessary evil.


    I will be thinking about you!

  10. I had the same problem with my kids and I did the same thing that burfica did…we left the bathroom light on all night. It really did help. We did this for years…but it was worth it to get some sleep…lol.

    WTG on staying dry to Fa… she is growing up fast eh?

  11. poop, margaritas and thou.

    thinking of ya, babe! xoxo

  12. You’re on Facebook? I’m on Facebook! Come find me.

    And bring the margaritas. We’ll talk about dogs.

  13. I am in. I need a DRINK. hehe!
    w00t on the staying dry. Becca is still in need of help at night. We are in no hurry on that one 🙂 What I would do to be BORED! Girl have another baby! Instant cure I promise!

  14. Could you PLEASE just hook it straight into my veins….screw the mouth…I need it through an IV! UGH!

  15. Can you tell me how facebook works? What exactly are you doing that’s soo fun? Is it like blogging?

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