Pickled Polyps all around

August 15, 2007

Can you tell I needed a drinky-poo yesterday?

So, after one corona (no lime), a whole lobster, a (rather large) passion fruit margarita, a glass of white wine and two (rather large) shots of tequila (no lime or salt, I go big)….I’d say my polyp is pickled enough for today’s test. Don’tchya?

It was Lobster Caribbean Night at a local joint here in town.

The Australians/Italians and In-Laws came with us…We had a blast. Laughing and joking around and basically forgetting the world around us and just enjoying our little group of eight.

It’s very difficult to have a conversation with an Australian (with a prominent Australian accent) who speaks Italian and two Italians who don’t speak English. Sounds like a joke. But it’s true.

The Pro’s Sister, Brother and his wife were there too and Fa and her two cousins stayed here with the Grandparents while we went and got sloshed.

We came home at 10:30ish to Fa jumping up and down on her bed with crack crust candy powder all around her mouth and a full ice cream belly! She was havin’ a blast. Her sugar high just might have been equivalent to my intoxicated liver.

It’s safe to assume, we’ll both be hungover today.

I didn’t take my ibuprofen last night for the test today. Should I take it one hour before, or do ya think I can run on liquor fumes until then…?

Honestly, I’m going to miss the Australian. He is so sweet. He is now officially my favorite cousin-in-law. Eva! I didn’t get a change to hang out with him too much but he was in the city every day and at The Pro’s shop and I’ve been hearing about all of his NYC antics for the past eight days.

Plus we made fun of each other’s accents. I felt I needed to speak with an Australian accent to him and he stressed my New Yawk tawk every time I opened my mouth. It doesn’t help the fact that my ‘tawlking’ gets magnified when I’m drunk.

At least we have a place to stay when I gather up the guts to take the 22 hour flight to Australia.

I can’t say the same for the Italians, I didn’t get a chance to talk to them without the Australian or The Pro translating. It’s very hard to bond with a translator in the middle. Plus, they were at least ten years younger than us and she was way too skinny. Yes, I am jealous.

Wish me luck today. Something about the catheter that really gets me wanting to vomit. But I hear that it’s a quick and easy procedure…I’ll let you know.

Tequila anyone?



  1. I’ll be thinking of you today, dear girl. Things will go FINE!

    I’ll check in on you tonight when I get back from my day of polyps, uh, SISTERS.


  2. I hope it all goes well today.

  3. I’m wishing you the very bestest of luck ever!

  4. Lobster Carribean Night? That sounds too good to be true … I might just have to steal that theme for my next dinner party!!! Tequila and all!!

  5. I love that accent but it’s tough for me to understand as well. I had a mad crush on a Kiwi in college but couldn’t understand a word he said. It didn’t go far. 🙂

  6. good luck today. Couple shots of booze before and after the procedure should do good for that ibuprofen. hehehehe

  7. Wishing you luck, hon!

    (Catheters are much easier and less painful for females…just keep that in mind!)


  8. Hope everything goes well.

    I’m with you on tequila. Back when I would drink it (on rare occasions), I didn’t use lime or salt either. What’s the point in that?

    Of course, as I’ve gotten older, I can barely stand the smell of it now – let alone try to shoot it.

  9. I’m just now reading this (it’s 4:30)…hope all went well. I’ll check in tomorrow.

  10. i hope all goes ok

  11. Thinking of you!!!

  12. I hope it went well. I am SO jealous of your night out…….I am on stress overload at the Mayhem….but, then again, WHAT’S NEW!!!!!!!

  13. My thoughts are with you. By now, it is all over and I hope it went well for you. Hang in there…and drink some more tequila..lol.

  14. Sending you positive vibes … daydreaming of licking salt …

  15. Wow! Good luck! I’ll be thinking about you!

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