Even a broken clock is right twice a day

August 17, 2007

In my case I have two.


(Which happens to be correct right now!)


(Which will be correct in one hour!)

I know, I have two very similar (and gigantic) clocks. One in the living room and one in the kitchen.

Why you ask?

Well, they were wedding gifts and I liked them. Both.

But this brings me to two pet peeve topics today. Two clocks, two vents.

1. Batteries.

Why do they always run out so quickly? And why do Fa’s toys and my clocks need so many of them to function? And why do I never have enough in my house? And how long will these particular clocks say these incorrect times on them before I break down and get more batteries?

and B) Birthday parties.

No, not just any random birthday party. I’m specifically talking about people with more than one (3) kid(s) who have two parties for each kid. That’s six parties!

Do I have nothing to do all year but buy gifts for and attend your kid’s parties?

That is so unfair. Especially when I only have one kid. Who only has one party. Or in Fa’s case. No party for friends this year. Just family.

Now, I’m not being selfish. I don’t care if Fa ever gets a gift for her birthday, she’s spoiled enough. It’s not that. They don’t even need to reciprocate. (Even though they do.) But why are certain people thinking that they can expect that much from one family.

Think about it. Three kids. Two parties for each kid. You can’t go to one party empty handed can you? Plus, the time it takes to actually be at these festivities. Then, there’s holidays and such. That’s gifts half the year from me.


Now, before you get your bloomers in a bunch. (I know you’re out there and you have never commented up until this point) I’m not complaining about the amount of kids these people have. It’s their choice and their bank account.

And I choose to keep it the way I keep it.

You can keep it however you want. I’m not against the amount of children this family has and wants to have.

To each her own ovaries. Or uterus. I bet hers is polyp free.

It’s not even the parties per se. It’s the amount of parties for EACH kid. C’mon.

One each, please.

I beg you.

My The Pro’s wallet begs you.

‘Nuff said.



  1. wait, 2 parties for 1 kid ?? i don’t get it ??

  2. Two parties? Amazing. We occasionally “re-celebrate” when seeing out of town family, but two on purpose is a wow.

    Totally with you on the consumption of batteries. πŸ™‚

    (Blogging Chicks)

  3. Two topics very, very close to my heart these days.

    First Batteries – I think a mandatory shower gift from me from now on is shares in Duracell – really!! We never have enough batteries. We acquired a bunch of AA batteries recently and I diligently went with the box of batteries and my screwdriver in hand and replaced all the dead batteries in my children’s toys. Half an hour later I was tearing my hair out asking myself what the HELL I was thinking!!!

    Now to the parties.

    My kids birthdays are 2 weeks apart in October and I am currently debating with myself whether to have one joint party for both kids – or two separate parties. This will be my son’s first birthday, but all our friends’ kids are Miss E’s age and she’s been going to their parties and is excited for her own! I have pros and cons for each, and your reasons are BIG in those considerations – I still haven’t made a decision – ugh!

  4. Is it that this particular family has two birthday parties for each kid, a “family” party and a “friends” party, and you’re getting invited to both? In that situation, if I’d been invited to two parties for one kid, I’d choose to attend just ONE of them.

    In my mama-kid circle, it’s common for birthday party invitations to state NO GIFTS. I definitely approve of this measure, and for my boy’s parties (which are huge affairs for family and friends combined) I always request “friends, no gifts, please.” I can’t tell his grandparents and aunts etc. not to give him gifts, but by the time he’s cashed in on all the family gifts, we don’t need or have room for gifts from friends!

    I recently got an invitation that said “in lieu of gifts, Birthday Boy is collecting new pet toys to donate to his favorite animal shelter.” I thought that was really sweet.

    (Man, this is getting long! Bear with me!)

    For the sake of the Pro’s wallet, I highly recommend the creation of a Gift Closet. You just buy toys and such when you see a great deal, stock ’em away, and then when you get an invitation you just rummage through the Gift Closet to find something appropriate. I just bought a bunch of stuff for mine this week (Target had two full aisles of clearance toys!), so the next boy who invites us to a birthday party is going to get a $3.48 Matchbox radar gun that clocks the speed of anything up to 100mph. I just have to remember to take the price tags off, that’s all!

  5. The observation about the clocks made my morning. That’s pretty glass half full if you ask me πŸ™‚

    And 2 parties? For one kid? That is just rude.

  6. What is the point in having two parties for each kid? Call me simple, but I’ve never heard of such….unless one was for just family and the other was for friends/playmates and such. But those were for adults, not kids πŸ™‚

  7. I have to agree with the other folks. Why on Earth would someone have TWO parties for ONE kid?!?!?!?

    I mean, are they preparing them to be Paris Hilton – who celebrates her birthday all over the country for a week?

    What a joke. I think I would go ONCE – and respectfully decline for the second party.

  8. Ugh. Batteries are the bane of my existence. If I would have bought shares in Energizer years ago, I would be in a much better position than I am in today.

    And birthday parties. I know I’m a mom and I should like them. But I don’t. But hey, “to each her own uterus” (I love that and just may have to steal it…)

    Thanks for popping by my blog. I love yours and will be back.

  9. You forgot to mention batteries for your… nevermind. shhhh.


  10. that is some crazy shizzle! Give one gift and tell the them to wrap it back up and give it to the kid on party #2! Ha that’s mean. I usually give some type of set ya know 6 in a pack 3now, 3 later. Or you could give a toy for the 1st party and batteries for #2. Crap I could go one for ever!

  11. Why the hell do these kids have 2 parties??? I’m corn-fused.

    I give batteries as gifts at baby showers…the recipient always thinks it’s weird, and then she has the kid. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Rechargeable batteries … Life savers! You need a lot but heck they are always there then.

    Two birthday parties … hmmm … yeah I would have a conflict and be only attend one … but I am just bad that way πŸ˜€

  13. Mark’s stuff requires way too many atteries as well. We have to have a supply of batteries upstairs and downstairs (get your mind outta the gutter). Between the remotes, cameras, numerous toys we bought for my nephew (hahahaha….whatever, they’re for Mark), I think we keep Duracell in business

  14. No, not just any random birthday party. I’m specifically talking about people with more than one (3) kid(s) who have two parties for each kid. That’s six parties! That is so unfair. Especially when I only have one kid. Who only has one party.

    Two parties?!!! Hummm… crazy.

    Well, I’ve always kind of felt the same way… with my first one…
    (I was a single mom for 12 of those years)
    I only had one kid, but all my friends (and brother) had 3 kids…
    I was always buying for 3 kids …
    and it was very hard for me!!! I didn’t make a lot of money and had a house payment…

    Now we have Magoo.. it’s the same way… everyone we know has a bunch of kids…

    We always tell people NOT to bring a gift…
    “their presence is our gift”..

    but it’s very expensive to go to a bunch of parties……



  16. Ok I don’t get it….why 2 parties for each kid?? My dear gremlins are lucky if they get one party a year…lmao. I guess I am (cheap)
    funny that way…hee hee hee.

  17. We do two parties, but one party for his friends, and then a family bbq. This year though he just got the one bbq. Got to invite one or two friends. He’s getting of the age where parties aren’t as big or important.

    But hey, we use any excuse to throw a bbq. hehehehe

  18. huh, what?? two parties? are you allowed to do that? the only time I’ve heard of that is for different set of friends … not to hit the same ones up twice! sheesh.

  19. hey.. I should have gotten the gifts for giving birth to them, right?


  20. Two birthday parties? Shit, i was robbed all those years as a kid with just having fun!

  21. That is lame and expensive!!! Two parties???? Vitually smack me if every do that please!

  22. Wow, I just wasted SO much time, and I LOVED it.

  23. I recently switched over to rechargeable batteries because it seems like I’m constantly buying new batteries.

    I don’t get the 2 parties for each kid thing. Not only is it a lot to ask of friends and family but who can afford to do that? Parties are expensive. My kids if they’re lucky enough, get one party for friends AND family. Sometimes we don’t do any parties and go out for a special day.

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