Feel Like Dancing? Drawing? Farting around on the computer?

August 18, 2007

I couldn’t resist.

Watch The Pro’s entrance…he cracks me up…he’d NEVER do this in real life…Eva.

And this makes me giggle too…RT and Fa…Boogeying Down. In sync. They are pretty good together.

Honestly. How funny is this?

G’won…do it yourself and let me know. I am hysterical here with Margaret and Kevin so far.


Then, the other day, I did this:

(~JJ! Simpson)

I forgot though…I cut my hair since then…Like it?

(Fa Simpson)
(The Pro Simpson)

This site is addicting but slow to use…


And since I’m sharing creativity….and all…

Fa is an artist. Or a Fartist…either or.
“Music is my Aeroplane”

“Let’s Go Ridin’ In my Automobile…Let’s Take a Ride in My Car!

She’s 44 months today. Three years and eight months. Closer to four than three. I feel a post coming on…lookout!


  1. OMG! That is SO funny! I tried the dancing one last week, but I’ll have to try it again with better pics and using the kids or the dogs is a GREAT idea!

    And I’ve tried to use the Simpson site about a dozen times and it has yet to work for me. But I’ll keep on trying, just for YOU!

    You hot dancer, you. And Pro is concentrating so hard, isn’t he…


    I feel like dancing!
    The pro’s face is perfect! HAHAHHA!

    Adoring the art work!

  3. That video of Fa and RT dancing is hilarious!!!

    I have tried that Simpsons thing before, but you’re right – it is too slow. Probably from so many people using it I guess.

    Great work by Fa!!! Music definitely is her “aeroplane”!

  4. My kids request me to make a new dance video of them and each of their cousins and friends every day now.

    The one I did of my parents though still kills me.

  5. That is wildly entertaining 🙂

  6. OMG those dancing one’s took forever to load but were so dang funny.

    Love the dog. hehehehe

  7. In my truest Southern accent, “Law’s a mercy! That was so funny, honey child.”

    Seriously, those were awesome…laugh out loud funny. 🙂

    Great drawing, too.

    Oh, and great drawers … I missed the change since I’ve been reading on Google Reader.

  8. you always find such cool shit. i’m going to try this for my bro in law’s bday

  9. So cute! For my dancing try jibjab.com

  10. Oh Holy Crap that is funny with Fa and RT. I now have to clean off my computer from my spit that I spat all over (forgive the poor grammar).

  11. why do I hear a voice in my head singing discoooooooooo disco duckkkkkkk…lol.

    That fa is so talented…someday we will all be able to say we knew her when…lmao.

  12. I can not tell you how much time I (and the whole Southern Fried Family) spent hovered over the screen with those two sites last night! The President was totally taken with both. I’ll have to e-mail you the link to the boys. Good times!

  13. Too funny! Fa and RT totally cracked me up.

  14. I did that dancing thing for my kids… we all cracked up

    and I did the simpson one to. I have her hiding out on my doc files somewhere.

    Fa sure is pretty.

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