Dag Nabbit.

August 29, 2007

We leave for our vacation tomorrow.

The Pro has been sick since last week.

Fa got sick this week.

Sniffles, runny nose, sneezing, coughing. You name it. No fever though.

Just spoke with her wonderful doctor. He told us to bring Tylenol or Motrin just in case she gets a fever (great) and a degonestant like Dimetapp. For her sniffles and boogers. (yum)

Yesterday, she kept telling me, “I’m fine, we can leave for our vacation now!” and “I’m not sick Mamma, what happens if I miss it?”

Then, later she confessed that she felt bad and her nose hurt her and I promised that she wouldn’t miss this.

She actually begged for medicine to help her runny nose. Poor thing.

Well, anyway. We are leaving tomorrow with my Aunt for a “family vacation”. Should be fun. I’ll divulge when we get back. This is my first vacation since my Honeymoon six years ago..what does that say to ya?

Not sure if The Pro will allow me to bring my brand-spankin new “MacBookPro”. I named him “Liger..Part Lion, Part Tiger”…The operating system is called “Tiger” raowrrrr….And I am in LURVE…..

So, what I’m saying is, I apologize for not being around lately…my Google Reader is piling up and starting to get intimidating..I may just ‘mark all as read’…And you have all been so kind to me this week…So I’m sorry if I don’t come around until next week.

And I’ll see you when I get back…I’m even doing some blog-sitting when I get back..Alright!

I have to go now, Fa has “boogersnots!” that need a wipin’!



  1. Enjoy your vacation … maybe the sickies will go away when you get there!


    P.S. “Boogersnots” is an awesome word.

  2. awww I totally know the sick part šŸ˜¦
    Hope Fa feels better soon!

    A vacation! w00t! Although stressful at time vacations are good! May you all have a ton of fun ….

    OOoo a MAC aren’t they just heavenly?~~?

  3. have a terrific time. i hope everyone is on the mend and roaring through life soon.

  4. Have a great trip! Bring Kleenex with aloe!

  5. How cute…she said she felt fine and was ready to go on vacation.

    Hope y’all have fun!!!!

  6. Someone always seems to get sick before we leave on vacation. I had two sick kids on our last one. Have a great trip. We’ll be here waiting for you.

  7. Get well ever-body! And don’t YOU dare get sick, too, ya hear!?

  8. Have a great time – and get help from the family on that family vacation!!

  9. We just home from holidays…lol. Have a great time. See you when you get back. Link to the blogs that you are sitting for and I will check them out too. See ya when you return..hope you have a blast.

  10. You deserve a great vacay! And don’t get sick yourself!

  11. Kids, they’re soo funny…

    have a great vacation!

    I timed it… it took my computer a couple minutes to open this blog…
    I have no idea why!!

    I tried to come over last night too… but it took so long….??

    Have such a good time girl!

  12. Have fun. I am jealous. Really… take me with you? Please?? I will help wipe boogersnot. I promise.

  13. If I could “speak” wellness and life and love and fun into this vacation…. bibbitybobbityBOO@


    Have a wonderful vacation

  14. Whoa! Six years? You really need a good vacation! I hope Fa is on the mend soon and everyone has a GREAT TIME!!!!

  15. i hate when my feed reader gets intimidating!

    have a good time on the trip. after 6 years you definitely deserve it!

  16. Oh, my reader has been in the triple digits for days now. I’m thinking of giving up and starting over too!

    Have a great vacation. Hope you get to take the Liger.

  17. Enjoy you well deserved vacay!

  18. Have fun on your vacay! I hope you’re all feeling better soon!

    I sometimes have to mark everything as ‘all read’ too….I just try to keep up with so much on the google reader.

  19. I haven’t been on a real vacation in years either – you’re not alone!

    I hope you have a well-deserved, relaxing time and that the baby boogersnots go away very soon!

  20. Oh baby…I hope that everyone feels splendid RIGHT NOW and you have a FANTASTIC VACATION!!!


  21. Hope you are having a great trip. Just popped in to mention I gave you an award on my blog. Look forward to hearing all about your trip.

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