What did I tell you?

September 2, 2007

Did I say I’d be sick for the vacation? Well, I was and I am. Still.

Fa is fine. She’s sniffling, but nothing more…I think I have a sinus infection now.

But we are home.

We went here…(Molesting the Hershey Bar)

We had a ball. Fa was a true traveler. She rocked the car and the hotel (sleeping in a different bed for the first time ever!) and she blew the heat to shame…

She was a real big girl for this trip and made it enjoyable, and I honestly was shocked. I didn’t expect it to be so easy. Yes, I will do the traveling thing again.

However, am I the only one (besides my husband and my Aunt, of course) who hates the crowds and the lines and the overabundance of people stuffed to the limit? It just makes my skin crawl.

There are way too many people in the world for my liking. And they were all at Hershey this weekend. As The Pro would say…”Don’t you people eat at home?”

Granted. We went there on a busy weekend. And Friday was awesome at the park. I guess the crowds were still en route. But Saturday. Holy Shit. Hershey Highway was packed.

We left to hang at the hotel it was so crowded.

I won’t bore you with the gory details. It was a blast. Go if you ever get the chance.

And I won’t be a downer and ask why I traveled three+ hours for Fa to ride on a maximum of 10 rides that she could get right here 20 minutes away. And I won’t say that part of the time I thought the traveling and the discomforts of hotel life were grating on my nerves and I won’t complain that we were in bed by 9pm because we shared the room with Fa and once she was asleep, so was I…So I’ll leave you with this….

I got it on my pillow the first night there…How appropriate?

We had a ball. Fa was a champ and my Aunt got to see Hershey for the first time ever with Fa. A moment they will have to share forever…I am grateful.

Now, I have to work off the 20 pounds of chocolate I ate this weekend and ignore my Google Reader…I’m sorry If I missed any great posts this weekend…I was actually having a fun time…

But it’s so nice to be home…



  1. Suddenly, I have a terrible chocolate craving!

  2. Oh don’t feel guilty about not catching up, if you do then I’ll have to die of guilt because I’ve been so bad this month. And you DO rock you know. Like a hurricane.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I wanna visit there one day, but it scares me how much chocolate I’d cram in my face!

  4. YAY I am so glad the vacation was awesome! Fa rocks! What a big girl! I just knew it would be a good time! Kids are so resilient … at least that is what I tell myself with all this moving junk 🙂

    Sinus infections suck, get some drugs and I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time and even though sick – Fa behaving like a big girl was just the treat you needed!
    Glad you’re back though!

  6. It’s 7:17am right here – I have bran muffins in the oven for breakfast – but now all I want is chocolate – too early do you think?

    Glad you had a great break – and lovely that your Aunt was with you, too. She’s beautiful.

  7. I’m so glad youhad fun! I’m so glad Fa had fun and did well (I KNEW she would). I’m so glad you are back!!!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Hershey. But I think that’s one of those places that I won’t ever make it to. Sigh….

  8. If you like chocolate, then you might not want to skip my blog. And I swear I’m not just saying that so you’ll read my blog. I really do have chocolate!

    Oh, and please tell me that there’s really no such thing as the Hershey Highway.

  9. Sounds LOVELY!

    Incidentally, our best friends go there every year, and we have yet to join them. Perhaps next year!

    You see, that chocolate calls out my name at night…….

  10. Glad to hear that y’all had fun and Fa did so well.

  11. u deserve it!

  12. awesome! the last time I went to Hershey Park I was like, 12, and it poured the whole freakin day….lol you should see the pic of all of us wearing rain ponchos….lol!

  13. Sorry to hear you were sick, but at least it wasn’t with the Hershey squirts *snort*!

    Glad Fa did well and had a fun time!

    On your google reader push “mark all as read.” It’s very freeing.

  14. You are getting that chocolate a bit too excited!

  15. mmmm


    Looks and sounds like you had a great time!


    Get to feelin better.. you hear!

  17. OMG!
    Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to go to Hershey,PA.
    My best friend in 4th grade, Jillian Repka, went, and brought me a key chain.
    I was so enthralled in her stories from there, and ever since then—I’ve wanted to go too!

    So…when Gage gets older, we’re sooooooooooo going.

  18. Life should be all vacations.

  19. welcome home. Sorry you got sick but didn’t ya know it is part of Mommy’s job?? LOL.

    Man oh man if I ever took the gnome to Hershey I would never see him again…he has chocolate running through his veins..lol.

  20. did you get your picture taken as a family coming out of the Hershey Tour?

    I hate crowds now, too. I get a bit of an anxiety attack.

    And.. I have a cold, sinus, sore throat and all that, too.

  21. Sounds like a blast.
    Oh, and I NEED one of those kisses!

  22. Where exactly is the Hershey Factory? When we went to Sonoma, we stopped by the Jelly Belly Factory. that was pretty fun. (especially for the Princess)

    And who cares if you’re sick when you ‘ve got pictures with the largest most erect stick…of CHOCOLATE!

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