Biggie Smalls*

September 6, 2007

Well, that was so much fun! I’m so glad I did it. Thank you Megan, for inviting me over and letting me play.

Now, I’m home and ready to rant here….


Jeez she’s getting big.

Her stories are too.

The other day she told the dog groomer that we have kittens in our attic. Sleeping in the Christmas boxes.


They believed her.

They didn’t believe me when I told them she was making up these stories.

Then, in her candle making class…(Yes, she took a craft class and they made candles…Yikes…whatta kid) She told the teacher that the aliens were back! Remind you of anyone?

Well, I know she’s pretending, but what do strangers think? She has this very elaborate story about the aliens from Chicken Little and she shares it with me every day…And I encourage her at home…Now she’s sharing it with anyone who will listen.

What will strangers think? Do I really care what strangers think?

I thought about it and the answer is…yes. Sort of.

When I was teaching, I collected some crazy stories…about the students I had.

But they were other people’s kids. Now she’s all mine. What if others think weird things about her?

I mean really, Aliens?

Is she being extremely creative…? And confident enough to share…? Should I encourage her story telling abilities outside of the home? I am so proud, but do people see her as quirky?

I’m not sure. And I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing. Quirky is good. It’s flavorful. It’s exciting.

I have made a point to let her know that I LOVE, really, really LOVE the way she MAKES up these WONderful stories for me. And I LURVE her creativity and make~believe mind….

Doya think it’ll sink in?

And if she tells me one more time that my boobies ‘hang’ and ‘jiggle’ and ‘jump’, I may have to slap her. How rude!

At least she’s not telling strangers that RT is a schmuck because he shits on my fucking floors…even she has her limits.

But she’s talking. To anyone who will listen. You don’t know how great that is.

I know I’ve mentioned before that I’ve tried to have her evaluated by EI here in NY. Because her initial inability to make eye contact and talk with strangers, when she chews your ear off at home, and a slew of other behaviors she used to have, made me want to check her out…I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything…They told me to get her more involved with others and put her in some classes…They were right. She opened up, relaxed and got to having some fun for a change…Now, there’s no stopping her.

And I think I like this version of Biggie Smalls than the previous version.

Oh! And another thing…She’s obsessed with NickJr.com and Noggin.com – We have been fighting for computer time. The two of us. I want to blog, she wants to play video games. She’s becoming a computer geek. I love it. She’s great with the laptop and finding the keys. She even types her name.

I am so in for it.

*Another of the bajillion nicknames we call her.



  1. My boy always tells people the most bizzare stories and I always wonder what people think goes on in our home. Right now he’s on a kick of telling people “My mommy is having a baby but she’s giving it away so that we can go to Disney World.” I always have fun explaining that one.

    It’s awesome that the little one is getting into computers so much. Now you’ll have to get her one of her own!

  2. Personally, I think most people understand it as it is – a child being creative. Except for the kittens living in the Christmas boxes in the attic. That sounds real. I might actually believe her on that one.

  3. I love the kid stories. Our granddaughter is starting to endlessly talk.

    But somehow I’m stuck on the jumping bit, the other actions I understand, but jumping?

  4. Back when I spoke to my parents, my kids would tell them the most outlandish stories because my parents believed them. They would act so appalled and concerned for their well being. They were too stupid to realize my kids were just fucking with them. My favorite was the story about me and my husband chasing each other around the house naked.

  5. Anyone with kids will know she’s just telling stories! Who cares what THEY think.

    Kittens in the attic, huh?

  6. My 5 year old will same something like blah blah that lady is fat, but mom you’re fat too but not THAT fat. Thanks babe. *smack*

  7. I somehow landed on this post, and loved every minute of it. I agree that anyone with (a) experience with children or (b) common sense should know that kids are kids.

    But it sure does make ya wonder how she came up with THAT!

  8. Do not discourage her … EVER! Becca “carries” around a dog … everyone in this town thinks we have a dog. We don’t. Pssha. Becca is at the stage of no eye contact and talking quietly. It passes. Wait did you say you got her out and now she is non stop?

    Note to self keep the girl home 🙂

    I wrote a story once, I was so proud of it. I gave it to my Dad’s wife at the time to read her response “Oh this is too good for YOU to have wrote, you MUST have copied it!” I was crushed…CRUSHED I did not copy it, witch! I did not write again for a long time…oh wait EVER. My blog is as close as I get. Encourage creativity, love you girl and always always build rocket ships 😛

  9. Just so you know if you and Fa were standing in line behind me in Target, I would completely engage her in a conversation about the hidden kittens and/or aliens.

    And I would LOVE every moment of it.

    And I would tell you that she is 100% normal and ask if I could go to candle making class with you guys next time.

  10. Ahh you gotta love a kid with a great imagination. Fa and my son B would get along famously. He tells some whoppers. I mean is very imaginative.
    Fa sounds like such a groovy little gal 🙂

  11. Quirky is good. There’s enough boring kids out there without your kid being one of them. I think she sounds highly entertaining.

  12. The Mayor just flat out makes up stuff. (Other people call the “stuff” lies.)

  13. I think it’s awesome, and so creative!

  14. I think it is great that she is so creative and imaginative. I wouldn’t worry unless she starts to tell people you are hanging her up by her thumbs with rusty nails and beating you with a wet noodle.

    My kids both have “the gift of gab”from me…and sometimes it is hard to get a word in … but we are all used to being gabba-gals..lol.


  15. I know you’re probably already doing this because you’re a teacher but… you should have her draw pictures for the stories she tells so that you can write them on the back and she’ll have them to share with her own kids when she’s older.
    I love looking at the stuff I did as a kid.

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