Ramblings of a long weekend

September 10, 2007

Is it me, or does this look like a gigantic, ribbed dildo?
Is this show drug induced or what? Reminds me of High School.

What about him?

Love him? Hate him?

How much do you hate these two? Not as much as me. Where the fuck are the parents?

And what the H.E. Double Hockeysticks is this?
Fa got him in a happy meal and was obsessed. Then, we saw the cartoon for the first time that very same day. I’m weirded out. She’s giggling.

Do you find him annoying? I do. Fa is in love. I think she has a crush. Loogit his wig. Douche.

Every day. The same characters running through my TV or my computer.

What ever happened to this?
And this?
Is it me?

Or are all of todays cartoons drug induced?



  1. All of today’s cartoons DO seem drug-induced….at least the character ideas do. Then again, my kids were into Spongebob, Doug, and Rugrats when they were little, so they didn’t have much better.

  2. I hate them all. Little Bear and Franklin are okay – but that’s the limit. I have exactly the same question about Max and Ruby – think we should call CPS?

    I bought Bugs Bunny pull ups for Miss E at night – and did the whole ‘what’s up doc’ thing the first night we put them on – she looked at me like I was a crazy lady – how sad that she has no clue who Bugs Bunny is?

  3. Okay, the rainbow haired guy is totally freaking me out.

  4. Greetings from across the pond. I’m not a geek in any way, shape or form:-(. I’dlike to pick your nose, oooopppps sorry your brain.

    How did you put your blogger awards on the left hand side of your blog so they stay there for ever?

    I got a nice matters blogger award and Have no idea how to add it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. My blog is a blogspot blog too.

  5. My little one likes Max and Ruby but I think it’s because it’s so simple that she can acutally follow along. She also likes Wubbzy. My son LOVES Foster’s and I think it’s kind of funny myself. Lazy Town is not allowed in our home as the puppets scare the living hell out of me.

  6. Boobah. Oh. My. God. If the creators of Boobah don’t have a serious history of hallucinogen use, I’ll eat my own underpants. That show is trippy as all hell, and I’m sorry, but the Boobah creatures look like fat, warty, uncircumcised penii. In acid-bright colors, of course.

  7. My curlymop got one of those at McDonalds on Thursday.
    (They came for the weekend which I will post about later)
    I thought it was broken.

    I wonder what my grandma would have thought about today’s incessant noise on the television. I don’t think she ever watched it.

  8. This is why the tv stays off around here lately 😛 Not that we do not have our movies … Pooh Bear is at least tolerable!

    I miss Bugs!

  9. Boomerang, baby! That’s where all the cool cartoon characters hang out. Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and my favorite, Justice League. Even Popeye is on Boomerang.

    Now that my girl is in school I’m saved from Max & Ruby, Wow Wow Wubbzy and LazyTown. Although, if Sportacus would take off that stupid hat and mustache, he’s probably be hot. Kinda? Maybe? LOL

    The Wonder Pets and Backyardigans are good ones to watch.

    Thanks for visiting my blog–even though there’s nothing going on. I gotta get back there soon!

  10. Hey!! I like Fosters Home for Imaginary Kids. I like Teen Titans too.

    Try having your kid addicted to Cow and Chicken, or that CatDog cartoon.

    Much worse than any spongebob cartoon.

  11. Speaking of drug induced, I can’t believe you didn’t mention the Doodle Bops!

    But, I must admit I red fuzzy throbbing heart Moe Doodle!!!

  12. Sporticus. What a total weirdo.

    Sadly my son loves him…*sigh*

  13. Totally agree with you. The days of good cartoons are officially gone.

  14. Tom & Jerry are still around! So is Bugz. They are the BEST

  15. I don’t know about “drug induced,” but they are bad.

    I’m not going to ask how you know what a “ribbed dildo” looks like – “gigantic” or not.

  16. That sports dude is really freaky! Those leotards are a little snug….ick!

    I don’t even KNOW about the others………..I miss the Smurfs! 🙂

  17. If that first thing is a dildo, then I’m concerned about the teeth.

  18. hmmmmmm I could make a comment about your age but I am a lot older than you so I will shut up about that.

    My kids grew up in the age of Barney(who I loved)…and teletubbies (who I HATED!!)

    I used to buy them videos to watch..but Barney saved my sanity more than once..lol

  19. “…are all of today’s cartoons drug induced?”

    God, I hope so.

  20. And woody woodpecker??!!?? Where the hell is he? Cause he was great. And Tom and Jerry… and any/all of the Looney Toons (isn’t that Pepe La Pew and Road Runner???)

    You so nailed this one….cuz these things now adays suck.

  21. You totally made my day. I saw your post on Suburban Oblivion and HAD to see your blog. I, too, am always busy watching RoL and Pickup Artist. I thought I would hate PA, but it’s actually funny. I didn’t realize there were so many guys out there who needed so much help.

    About the cartoons, my 3yo LIVES on Noggin. Yo Gabba Gabba is truly the strangest of all. Jack’s BMS is the best, but my daughter insists on the late afternoon of Wubbzy, Wonder Pets, Dora, Diego, and Backyardigans.

    What the crap is up with Lazy Town. UNwatchable. At least I can stand YGG just to see the weirdness, but Lazy Town? Sportacus? Ick.


  22. mr mumma and I used to looooove the Teletubbies. We were convinced it was some sort of LSD induced post apocalyptic weirdness.

    TV is very strange.

  23. OMG. The Doodlebops and Lazy Town.
    I don’t know about being drug induced, but those make me wanna reach for something stronger than coffee.

  24. I HATE Max and Ruby. With every fibre of my being. I know hate’s a strong word, too, but fuck man…I hate that show.

  25. Yo Gabba Gabba is definitely written by people who are more than high on life!

    I miss good ol’ looney tunes. Bugs was da bomb.

  26. Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry are now considered too violent.

    Sadly…I haven’t been to a movie in ages but I do however know every single character that you posted on this post. My brain has deteriorated to kid mush.

  27. I used to think Max and Ruby were cute, until I thought about that very thing. My husband is equally confused. The other day he asked me, “So is Ruby, like, the mom?”

  28. I miss the old cartoons, but when I do see them, they are smoking or beating each other! The heck?!

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