My Girl

September 13, 2007

She’s a girl. Not a baby.

Her pudge is long gone and has transformed into lean, thin limbs. Her hair is naturally more glorious than any supermodel can fabricate.

She speaks to me in her big girl voice with her big girl vocabulary and a special understanding and a love for words.

My baby is gone. I welcome my new little lady into this world of pre-school, classmates and other adults that she can lean on and trust when I am not around.

I have witnessed the innocence and insecurity of “Three” turn into self-esteem and independence of “Four”.

I have watched as she gained confidence in her world and her self. A never ending lesson.

I have seen her transform from a helpless infant into a thinking, feeling, strong-minded little lady. I can’t believe she has an answer for everything at 45 months.

I am in awe of her as a little girl and a person. She is the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And she’s MY girl.

My heart holds a love for her that it never knew was possible.

She has changed me as a person into not just a woman but a mother. A very special and difficult job, might I add. I would never ask for anything different.

She has taught me the essence of kindness, patience, unconditional love and the lyrics to some silly songs.

She has taught me how to really laugh. Laugh like no one is watching. And to enjoy every moment of discovery.

I am the luckiest person in the world to know her.

I wish her all the joy in this world and I hope she enjoys this year in preschool. Her first ever as an individual not as the “me” part of “mommy & me”.

I know she will do great things. I have all the faith in the world in my daughter. She has taught me much more than I could ever learn in school. She has taught me to let go. Let go of myself, let go of the walls I have mortared around me, let go of the thought that I can not do this. Because I can. I must. She has taught me that giving up is not an option.

And she has taught me that there is no right and wrong. There is your heart. Plain and full. And you must follow it in order to survive.

She has made me closer to my very own mother by helping me to understand her. She has given me insight as to what my mother may have gone through when I was growing up. She has made me feel my mother’s love all over again because that love is universal and even though she may not be here in the physical form, she is here in my daughter’s heart. Pumping new love and new life into my soul.

I am forever grateful for knowing Fa and being chosen to help her navigate through this life.

How did I get so lucky?

Out of all the little girls in the world, how did I get the very best one??



  1. Beautiful!

    And, I think we all got the best one 😉

  2. “Out of all the little girls in the world, how did I get the very best one??”

    I love it! I say the same thing about my own little one. And I don’t mean that in a “Nu-uh, mine is better!” way, I just mean I understand how you feel.

  3. Amen~

  4. You sound like the mother I want to be.

    My princess turns 4 on Saturday and I’m trying really hard to not be annoyed with her “independence of 4”. Can’t she listen to me just once when I tell her not to jump on the couch or not to drag her brother by a limb?!?!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter and to motherhood!

  6. You give Fa a bit too much credit. She had to learn all of these incredible, great characteristics from someone.

    And I’m pretty sure everyone can guess who.

  7. Now that was a sweet post!

    Makes me dread my little girl growing up though… 😦

  8. What a wonderful post JJ!

  9. we all got the best one that we were meant to get. hehehehe

  10. As always. An amazing post, JJ!

    You are one lucky mama. She is one lucky little girl.

  11. ohmigosh! i love this post!

  12. Everybody is growing Up!

  13. i hope you know that she is that way because of you and Pro. And you deserve it.

  14. ahha. we all get the best one.
    That is the delight.


  15. This post was amazing … you are so awesome! The reason you got the very best is because you are the very best!

  16. Beautiful post, JJ.

    I feel the same way. Problem is I feel that way about all my 4 kids… 🙂


  17. A very lovely tribute…you write so beautifully.

    I think any Mom worth a grain of salt feels this way about their baby…no matter how old they are.

    Thanks for sharing…I am sure Fa will do great!!!

  18. Awww! And Fa is so lucky to have such a loving, wonderful mama!

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