September 21, 2007

I seem to be good at this

Haiku Friday

This weeks installment: Our first week of school.

First Day Jitters Gone
Farfallina rocks her school
Always rocks my heart


Water table fun
Pouring your own apple juice
School is wonderful


You love your teachers
You love the surrounding toys
Still, books are the best

One day you will know
how terribly proud I was
watching you take flight


It feels good to be
independent, creative
confident, happy and proud


Mommy cried a lot
This week was not too easy
Pride, overwhelming


How awesome is it?
That you are so free to fly
back into my arms



  1. “How awesome is it?
    That you are so free to fly
    back into my arms”

    ***big, big wonderful sigh***

  2. I have officially lost track of the number of times your blog has made me cry!

    This is so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! And dammit Kevin, I was was going to comment on that part and you STOLE it!

    It’s not easy. Well actually when they are so little and so vulnerable. It’s good for them though. Wish you lived closer because I’d buy you a cup of coffee and give you a big hug!

  4. These are great. I love their honety and emotion.

    It is a hard transition. I had it every year when I was teaching chemistry — at some point each year I would notice in the lab that they didn’t need me anymore. They were happily working away. It is bittersweet — proud at what they can do and sad to set them free.

  5. Love the first and last especially.
    You are kind of rockin the Haiku aren’t you there, missy ?

  6. I do so love your Haiku!

    Especially the last one, I’m with Kevin…sigh!!

  7. Just beautiful.

  8. Hooray! It sounds like she did great.

  9. The last one is very touching.

  10. You give me one more reason to look forward to Fridays!

  11. Delicious Haiku!

  12. you ARE good at it.

    And after reading your post before this one I also want to assure you that the empty nest feeling does pass.

    I felt VERY strange this September, the first time in 10 years without a small person at my side for a six hour stretch.

    And I look in the mirror and I soak in the silence and I say..what now?

    So one sets out to reinvent oneself.


  13. didn’t know you were such a haiku poet JJ

  14. Beautiful 🙂

  15. Your haiku skillz amaze, as always! Sorry you’ve been having a rough week. Another one is upon us, so I hope it is much better!

  16. These are awesome!

  17. You’re right. You are good at this. What a beautiful sentiment!

  18. it was lovely… and the last one definitely like the sugar roses on the frosted cake

  19. wow you are awesome..how the heck do you do this?? LOL.

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