Attack of the Boogersnots

September 25, 2007

What is it with these things?

They seem to attack at the very worst time.
They emerge when you least expect it and they overstay their unwelcome all the time.
For some reason these damn preschool teachers don’t want kids in school with runny noses. Something about kids not being able to wipe their own boogersnots and then sharing them with the entire class via the hard, plastic toys.


Well, we have been attacked by boogersnots again here at the House of Fa.

Claritin seems to be working, making me think its allergies.

However, the preschool Gods think otherwise.

All I hafta say is if I return back to preschool and I see one nostril on the loose. They’re gonna hear from me.



  1. Yuck to the pictures lol!

    Strengthen their immune systems I say – what’s a little boogersnot between friends? πŸ˜‰

  2. aww hope everyone feels better soon!

    Nothing irks me more than emerging from a week long quarantine to see other booger heads out and about!

  3. Oh, no! Down with boogersnots!


    You just say the word and me and my pepper spray will do the healing.

  5. Oh boy. Heaven help those pre-school teachers if you find a runny nose!!!!

  6. wish the schools here were that strict. Only thing they MAKE you leave school for is if the rez kids come in with infantigo, or hoof and mouth disease, or lice. then they send a note home to everyone, that the school is contagious. uggghhhh

  7. I’m dreading this season and all the boogersnots it will bring.

    Our preschool allows them to come to school…but then of course they share the germs.

  8. Poor Fa. It stinks to have allergies – especially as a kiddo.

  9. I actually think that Princess has allergies too. They always seem to be worse when she goes outside.

  10. hey.. those shared germs just make the kids tougher.. thats what I say

  11. Eewww… Boogers… Eewww!

  12. …don’t think of it as sharing germs….think of it as boosting the immune systems of others.


  13. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

    Award for you over at my place!

  14. Damn boogersnots. I fear they are getting ready to descend on my house.

  15. mmm…child snot….yum-my

  16. Boogersnots. Snort. Oh wait. Take that verbiage back. πŸ™‚

  17. Nothing like ’em…..they are evil, I tell ya!

    I have fought many a battle with the daycare over things like this….I don’t want my child there sick….but if they are better….LET THEM COME BACK!

    After all….aren’t I paying them to watch my child? Then again…it could have just been they were looking for a reason to keep my little heathen at home! πŸ™‚

  18. lmao man oh man I remember how THAT was…every little sniffle my kids had and the school would call me to come get them…THEN one day I went to get my daughter and she was simply glassy-eyed sick. I asked the teacher when it started…she said “oh she wouldn’t eat so I put her in the corner for being picky”…so she has been pouting all afternoon…

    I got her home and her fever was 105 degrees…man oh man I called that school and went NUTS on the principals head…the morons…

    turned out her poutiness was actually strep throat…so the teacher didn’t like my attitude after that..lmao.

  19. School rules are getting to be soooo ridiculous these days. They gripe about too many absences, yet don’t want the kids in school if they so much as have the sniffles.

  20. now those were gross.


    Stinkerbell was sent home from preschool with “pink eye”. I took her to the doc and got the medicine and paid my copay and drug store. Kept her home. Paid the tuition for the days she missed. She went back to school when her eyes were clear. Guess what happened 10 days later…

    She was sent home with pink eye again. I told them that there were kids there with pink eye that were being allowed to stay, but I was literally PAYING the price.

    This was the last time she caught it. yay me.

    The Mighty Hunter and I struggled with keeping her in preschool because she seemed to catch EVERYTHING. Her immune system is too much like mine and she was always getting sick. We decided that her missing days in preschool because she was sick and, at the same time, strengthening her immune system, was better than her missing days in real school later because her immune system wasn’t strong enough.

    Besides, there’s nothing like soaking snot stains out of your kid’s sleeves. fun times

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