I’m no E.B. White…

September 25, 2007

But I did name her/him Charlotte.
We have a guest. A squatter or something.

I don’t have the heart to get rid of her/him.

(S)He’s like a science experiment without the effort. Look at the bee wrapped up and being devoured!

It must be spider season or something because I’ve read a few other blogs who have 8 legged guests too.

Oh well. I hear spiders bring good luck.

Do they bring flat abs too?


And apparently, I do make some of you smile. At least I know I make WhyMommy smile! Which totally brightens my day. I tell you, this woman is spoiling me with bloggy goodies. So thank you WhyMommy, (glad you’re feeling “Pretty Good“)

Now, as promised, I will go forth and award away!

The Queen. Anyone who rules over the “Shake Shake” has to be witty, no?

GHD. Her blog is called “So what do you do all day?” ‘Nuff said.

Scribbit. Her humor and her life in Alaska is amazing. Her talented creations are out of this world. I smile every time I click over to her place.

Sarah at Suburban Oblivion. She is making me so excited about the future BlogHer location and I still doubt I’ll be able to get there…

Moosh in Indy. I don’t know if it’s actually her or her daughter that makes me smile more.

Terri. I mean. C’mon. This lady is a total package. Gorgeous. Mom. Wife. Activist. You can’t get much better than that. And she lives in Sin City. One of these days I’ll find out if that saying is true…What happens in Vegas….

The Binky Bitch. Ha! Even THAT makes me laugh.

Jennster. Her pictures are so funny. How does she get everyone to jump with her?

Worker Mommy. I love her sense of humor and her attitude is hysterical.

And last but definitely not least.

Kevin. I mean. Really. I laugh so hard when I read him. I pee a little. Really. And I know he’s honored just by that statement alone.

I love you all.

Now, I’m going to drop Fa of at Preschool, boogers and all (thank God for Claritin) …and go to the gym.

Flat abs, here I come.



  1. awwww. Hi Charlotte. Your landlord is nice. Mine would have squished me!! =)

    I must check out your blogger peeps…I’m a little b/h on my reading…urgh! Life’s been busy and it’s cutting into me blogging time! =P

  2. ew ew ew I am so not an indoor spider fan … outside, live and be prosperous … In fact there was a nasty one in Becca’s tub this morning. What am I saying it is still there …. yuck. She is bathing in my room 😛

  3. I never kill spiders. I like to leave them hanging around so they can catch flies in their web. I HATE flies!

  4. Charlotte, huh? My parents apparently have seen more spiders than usual the past month or so too. Maybe it’s the drought here?

    Have fun at the gym!!!!!

  5. Hurray for flat abs! hurray for lucky spiders named Charlotte!

    Thanks so much for the award. I’ll have to pass along the bloggy love!

    Hope you have a great time at the gym today. You GO, GIRL!

  6. In my household, spiders don’t bring luck…they bring screams.

    That spider is toast in my house.

  7. well…the good news about spiders: they eat other bugs!

  8. OMG I couldn’t get past the spider. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

  9. Oh no! Spiders! Yuck!

  10. It’s fun to feed the spiders. I posted about this a few weeks ago…we’d catch mosquitoes and toss them into a spider’s web…

    Never let it be said that I have that exciting of a social life.

  11. I hate spiders, but if they give you flat abs…count me in!!!

  12. Awww, thanks for the nod! It does make me feel better!

    Just so you know, spiders don’t bring flat abs. But a 3 day stomach virus will! Wanna trade?

  13. That spider gave me the heebie jeebies.

    Thanks for the award. I just read two very sad posts right before coming here, it was nice to smile at this post! Thanks.

  14. If this gives me flat abs I owe you so much money.
    Thanks girl.

  15. Congrats…the award is well deserved.


  16. I think our spiders are cousins!

  17. If spiders bring good luck, then I should have more than enough of it. I’ve had no less than five/six set up shop around my house in the last month. Sadly, none of them thought to bring me flat abs. The nerve!

  18. Oh girl …
    you are always WAY TOO GOOD TO ME..
    thank you so much …

    You know I love ya more than my luggage!! (a comment from Steel Magnolias)

    I have got to find out why it takes so long for my puter to open your blog… yours and a couple others.. it’s weird….??

    How’s my little Artie dog?

    I am going to have to check out your bloggie buddies you’ve listed … and yes… Kevin Charnas is sooooo freaking funny!!!!!!!!!!! Love him …
    love him … love him…

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