Anansi Our Spider ~ For Haik-ew Friday

September 28, 2007

Haiku Friday

Now, Haiku Friday…With video!
Don’t get used to this people…I’m too stressed out to do THIS every week.

Be nice to spiders
Said the spider to the fly
I just say ew- gross.


When the first web breaks
Never fear for Anansi
He will find a way


As soon as complete
Spiders work is never done
To rebuild again


Ready for the prey?
Your web is a work of art
I hope you eat well


For your viewing joy
I have video’ed our guest
Rebuilding what’s lost


Yes, Anansi is
outside of our home because
I can’t stand spiders

Whaddya think of my first iMovie video-editing skillz?

Call me. I do weddings.



  1. Awww, Anansi is so pretty! Do you know what kind of spider he is?

  2. Thanks for the video … Becs loved it!

  3. golden orb?

    now this could be a great video for young flies — when the little maggots are in school and being warned about the dangers of the world

  4. Anansi, huh? Well done on the video.

    And I am impresse dthat you are jumping straight from spiders outside to weddings. You go, girl!!!!

  5. Excellent!

    Spiders scare the crap out of me but not as much as snakes.

  6. Very interesting. I as well can’t stand spiders and btw the good job on uploading the video. You’re really branching out lol 😉 Have a great weekend!

  7. JJ, you’re rockin’ the video editing skillz for sure!

  8. My 4th grader just read the story From Tiger to Anansi!! HOW COOL!!

    That’s one cool spider
    But I would stay far away
    Spiders creep me out!

  9. Very impressive!!! The Haiku AND video!

  10. Great haiku series. Great photo of that spider, carrying on because he (she?) has to.

  11. YOU DO WEDDINGS??? How come I, of all people, did not know this? I Need you please. Please?? Pretty please?? We even have a basket o’ toys for kiddos that come to the wedding. Fa will have fun.

  12. I hope you don’t take it personally if I say that is one uglyyyyyyyy spider..lol.

    Loved the haiku..you are very gifted..I might give it a try some day…or not..lol

  13. I came back to suggest you put that to harp music

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