8 Facts ~ Wedding Edition

October 11, 2007

Margaret New13letterlastname had tagged yours truly.

I’m all up for a taggie-poo too.

Since she’s a brand-spankin’ newlywed, it’s all about the wedding.

So, here you have it, 8 Facts about MY wedding:

1. We live in NY and dragged 50 people to Napa Valley to watch us say ‘I Do”. Well, not actually dragged. Suckered them… into taking a vacation to Napa is more like it. I’m not JMillionaire or anything.

(The Church in the Vineyard)

2. Before I got married, I was religion-less. I converted to Catholicism so we could have a traditional Catholic ceremony. I truly thought I’d remain true and faithful to the religion since RCIA made it so real for me…but I have sinned. I haven’t even been to church in over 3 years…not counting weddings and stuff. It just doesn’t feel true anymore.

3. Our priest was a long-haired hippie with kickin’ body odor. He was one of the sweetest men I have ever met and he sang the prettiest Ave Maria I have ever heard. I still think of him today.

4. My Maid-of-Honor canceled on me a month before the wedding and a week before my surprise bridal shower. Well, not canceled, I kicked her out. You see, before we decided to get married in Napa, I asked the important people if they would be able to make it. And if they financially or emotionally couldn’t..we would get married in NY. She told me she was so excited and couldn’t wait for Napa..she’d follow me anywhere to see me get married.

Then, she decided she was afraid to fly and couldn’t afford the trip and a whole slew of other maladies came up that was making it difficult to travel. So she told me in an e-mail what a bad friend I am for forcing her to do this and blah, blah, blah so I told her she was uninvited. I don’t force people to do anything…except use the potty. I didn’t need that crap back then…I still haven’t spoken to her.

5. My stand in Maid-of-Honor isn’t all that mentally stable either…I’m still not sure what I was thinking.

6. Or maybe it’s me who’s not mentally stable. I seem to not be speaking to either of them these days…But when someone tells your kid she’s ruining their social life- you tend to take that personally.

7. My wedding cake was the best thing ever. Yes, it is in a wine cellar. Yes, those are champagne grapes hanging off of it…It was fondant with candy bar filling. I know. Heaven.
8. I knew I wanted my dress even before I tried it on. I saw it in a bridal magazine and fell in love. It was the only dress I tried on and I purchased it the same day I hunted it down. It was a Jim Hjelm strapless, empire waist, chiffon jammie with long, flowing, chiffon~off the shoulder sleeves…Like a renaissance princess. Also, I designed my own headpiece, not a veil, a beaded crown with a long, chiffon ribbon hanging from the back…70 bucks. The cheapest part of the day.
I can’t believe these are the only pictures I have on a disk. I gotta get a scanner!

So there you have it.

Tag, you’re it.
Chelle (the bestest bloggie friend evah!)



  1. You did the right thing – with BOTH maids of honor. Told your kid she was ruining your social life?


    I would have THROWN her out immediately if she had said that to my kid (if I had a kid).

  2. Oh how fun! I just might steal this and squirl it away for a later date.

  3. What a fabulous wedding!! Thanks for sharing it with us! I enjoyed hearing about your special day!!! And I love the grapes on the cake!!!

  4. wowo that is very cool! About the maid of honor biz fuloshit! Iam having issues with mine .

  5. I started sweating soon as I read the word Wedding.

    I woulda took a trip to see my buddy get married but the cheap bastard did it like 5 minutes from my house. I couldn’t even miss any time from work for that!

  6. Beautiful! I can’t think of a wedding that didn’t have any hitches but you sure did have your share of things to deal with. I am a firm believer in eloping….maybe next time around lol jk

    thanks for sharing the photos

  7. Your #2 could have been my #2! Except I’ve become one of those Easter and Christmas Catholics. I really ought to go more often, but our new pastor is uninspiring.

    I want to see a bigger picture of that dress! After reading your description I couldn’t wait to get a better look at it… so I clicked it, and saw it the same size.

    I’ll post my wedding 8 soon!

  8. Your wedding looks beautiful!

    We were totally supposed to get married in wine country. Sonoma actually, but we got impatient and eloped 🙂 Well, there was more involved than that, but it’s long and boring.

  9. Beautiful pictures! My husband I were looking at pictures of our wedding recently and he said “tell me what you want to do for our 5th anniversary”. I said “how about time travel…we’ve been married 7 years”. “Really…it seems like such a short time that I thought it was just 5”. Nice save! (and sorry you drew the short straw on the maids of honor…)

  10. Lurve that cake!

  11. Your wedding sounds absolutely beautiful, despite setbacks with the attendants. How rude of the one to tell your little girl something like that!

  12. Gorgeous!!! I am SOOOOO glad I broke the rules. It felt so good and now getting others to break the rules…that makes me giggle!!! Hee hee! Make sure Fa sees the photos I just posted. She’ll love ’em. If you need an explanation on the Texas Longhorn, let me know. 😀 😀

  13. Girl did you know we were soul sisters?
    I went through RCIA as an adult too! For Real! I was raised Catholic but my Dad was hippie when I was born and wanted me to choose as an adult. I knew I wanted to be married in the Church, so I did it in college, the next year I met J … wait maybe I should blog this …. anyway … soul sisters I tell ya!

    when someone tells your kid she’s ruining their social life- WHA?!?! The woman so does not deserve your attention. I am friends with few pre-child friends … I moved a lot too though … Still have one friend is totally crazy but in a cute sort of way rather than a psycho, not worthy way 😀

    Your the bestest too btw 😀

  14. Minus the bridesmaid BS it seemed to be an amazing wedding. You got off cheap on the head piece. I was robbed of $350 for mine and it never did sit on my head right.

    When you get a chance, send me your address for the prize you won.

  15. do you know that “smells” are often the thing that brings back the most poignant memories.

    Thats why I was really interested in the “long-haired hippie with kickin’ body odor.”

    Hee hawww….

  16. Awesome! I love the pictures, it sounds so romantic (aside from the maid of honor situation.)

  17. lol thanks for sharing…someday I might post about the terrible wedding day I had…but then again the marriage was worse…so maybe not…it just reminds me how stupid I was and how my gremlins pay for my stupidity when having to deal with their father…

    Hope you do get a scanner…would love to see more of the pics from your wedding.

  18. Ooh, this is cool! I will do it this week – thanks for the tag! (and that’s not sarcasm either)

    Don’t feel bad – I don’t talk to a couple of my bridesmaids either.

  19. You told me that you had your wedding in Napa. What could be more perfect than wine and love???

    I also knew my dress before I tried it on. And strangely, I saw mine in a bridal magazine too and If i remember correctly it was a Jim helm also ( I can’t really remember now, it was so long ago)

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