Weekend Update

October 15, 2007

I hate doing a list of crap that I did over the weekend. You don’t care and frankly, now that it’s over I don’t care either.

So I’m going to try hard not to ever do that.

However, I woke up this Friday with a wicked head/jaw ache. It’s only gotten worse. Now, I can’t open my mouth especially to eat, yawn or nag. My husband says it’s a strike of luck. Wait ’till he wants a “kissy kissy” or ten. Who’ll be giggling with her mouth closed then?

I’m afraid it’s this. But Dr. Google is an evil source of info.

I don’t know whether I should harass the doctor or the dentist. I’m thinking dentist because it does have to do with my once gaping yap. But I just know, I’ll have a hard time getting in to see him. And I can’t wait until my regular appointment in November. Plus. No dental insurance. I’m in agony here…I hate not being able to yell and scream effectively.

Went to the mall yesterday. I never go to this particular mall especially so early on a Sunday morning. But my Aunt slept over because the Pro was on a boys night in the Hamptons…(Dog)…and she needed to see something in the Sleep Number store. Lucky thing is getting one of those beds. She’s a 40, like Jennifer Aniston.

That’s not the story.

We were walking through the mall and I caught a few people staring at us like we had 10 heads between us. This happens a lot so we were giggling about it. I thought it may have been my new messenger bag with skulls on the strap…(Maybe I’m too old for this thing?)…But turns out one group in particular approached us.

One woman asks, “Are you Janet?” I’m like “Yeah, What of it?” (It’s the mall, it’s Sunday morning…don’t fuck with me.)

She tells me who she is and I almost fall to the floor. Turns out, she’s a girl I used to hang out A-Lot with in High School. If you know me, you know I hated High School. But this particular girl and I became extremely close in Junior year. Of course we lost touch, bla bla…But I always think about her and even tried to contact her once a few years back through her Niece who was a fourth grade student in my school. Needless to say, I was so excited to see her and more excited that she recognized me…She looked totally different. Still just as gorgeous.

Then, I realize that the crowd around her is ALL of her kids. And her mother.

She said, she’s been pretty busy. No kidding. We both laughed and tried to do some catching up as quickly as you can with all those little people running around us in the mall. Fa was, of course, shy. Didn’t talk or even say hello.

Her kids, all over the place. And she was as cool as a cucumber. I just don’t get it.

I gave her my phone number and begged her to call me so we could get together and really catch up. I heard through her Niece, years ago that she had some tragedies in her life and I wanted to talk to her then, but she never answered back.

So what I’m trying to say is. Going someplace unexpectedly this weekend with a stiff face, sent a past friend my way. I just hope that she gets in touch again so we can fill each other in…I’d love to see her again.

I haven’t been blogging this weekend…I’m going to purge my reader and start fresh. I sincerely apologize to my regulars who haven’t heard from me this weekend…I’ll start again this week.



  1. I hope your jaw feels better- sounds painful!

  2. Hope your jaw heals soon…cool story about running into an old friend!

  3. lady in my office has those same symptoms. They’ve put her in some kind of braces (clear) to try and straighten her jaw. It is just weird weird.

    I enjoyed your description of the mother being cool with her gang.

  4. Feel better soon!

  5. A few weeks ago,maybe longer, we ran into the sister-in-law of my best friend from years ago whom I lost touch with. I gave her my phone # & still haven’t heard from her. I’m bummed. I’d love to get connected with her again.

  6. Somehow all the ‘friends’ from high school I see are not the ones I remember very well. Glad you ended up with a good one.

  7. Good for you!!!! Hope you two can stay in touch.

  8. I have something stuck in my head.
    You’re going to think it’s cliche, but I can’t help it.

    My name is not Janet, so I’m not tired of this yet!
    “Are you Janet?”
    *****How do you not say that aaaallll the time?
    I would. I’m random & stupid like that.

    …okay, I’m still smiling b/c I think I’m funny.

    Oh, and I hope you can talk by the time she calls you!

  9. It’s a small world! And great running into people you’ve missed.

  10. Hope your mouth is better soon…
    and I am so happy for the reconnection…

  11. Sorry to hear about the jaw; I know from friends who have that that it’s miserable. If it’s any consolation, most insurance plans don’t cover anything to do with TMJ…not sure why, they just don’t. So even if you had dental insurance, it wouldn’t do you any good with this particular ailment.

  12. You must be either a)giving your husband too many blow jobs or
    b) You grind your teeth in your sleep.

    I say see the dentist.

    I thought the woman that recognized you was going to be a bloggy friend.

  13. ach. I hope you feel better. Such a neat chance meeting. I hope you can reconnect.

  14. Crap….that makes my “injury” seem insignificant.

    Feel better my friend….

  15. How cool to run into someone that you want to reconnect with … she better call you! I will rough her up for ya if she doesn’t!

    ouch on the jaw! I cannot imagine how far my three year old would go if she knew I could not raise my voice …

  16. I would say dentist too–but I put those types of things off to. You don’t want it to get worse though!
    I hope it is feeling a bit better today.

    I hate running into people from high school–I’ve kept in touch with a very small few and the rest, well…there’s a reason why I didn’t keep in touch with them, you know?

  17. How cool that you ran into an old friend this way! I hope she calls you, too.

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