October 16, 2007

Yeah. So I got to the doctor.

I have TMJ. I grind my teeth and clench my jaw out of stress, so much that I have created this condition.

And guess what he gave me. Prince Valium. I know. Right?

So I took my 5mg pill last night before bed and I expected to fall into a state of unicorns and rainbows. Not me.

When I slept with Prince Valium, I was tossing and turning and I still couldn’t find a spot where my jaw didn’t feel like it was falling off.

I am THAT tense.

Now, of course, I won’t take a whole pill during the day when I have to mother. So he told me to take a half a pill in the morning, half in the afternoon and a whole one at night.

I am THAT mother.

Wish me luck. I need to relax. And a spa day won’t cut it.


On a wonderfully bright and shiny positive note. (And that totally was NOT sarcastic!)

Fa and I got a package in the mail yesterday when we got home!

It was from Chelle!

We won two adorably dyed play silks from her Great White North Contest! (Yes, Chelle that was me poking through your archives this morning to get some linky love!)

Fa went bonkers for them. As soon as they came out of the package, they became her butterfly wings. She loves them so much she begged to sleep with them.

So thank you Chelle. This really was a special gift!

(Gorgeous Butterfly Wings!)



  1. Greetings from across the pond.

    Well I hope the prince works for you. It may take a few days to work, just give it time.

    Oh my what beautiful butterfly wings. Humpt, I want some to, they’ll go with my purple hair next year when I turn 60 LOL.

  2. Glad you found out what it was! Hope it goes away soon : (

  3. I think of those silks as a wonderfulhug from Chelle…

    And hope the stress level dies down soon…
    Thinking of you…

  4. Pretty silks!

    I had tmj in college – I actually knocked my jaw out of line in a car accident in college and opted for braces to fix my jaw. I wore them for a year.

    I know the pain, dolly. I hope you get some relief soon!


  5. When I was in a car accident last year my dr. gave me 5mg of a muscle relaxer & I couldn’t even take half w/o falling asleep so I had to suffer the pain til kids were in bed. Ugh. I hope you get comfy and relax soon.

    Pretty scarfs!

  6. Wow, those are some pretty nice silks!!!

    If those Prince Valiums aren’t working for you, I’m sure you could make a little extra cash selling them on the street.

  7. I have TMJ too. I got from falling off the bed and knocking out my teeth as a child.

  8. Ouch! At least you know what the problem is. My MIL grinds her teeth and has to wear a mouth guard at night …

    YAY I am glad you like the Silks! Anything that makes you and the kid smile is totally worth it πŸ™‚

  9. Oh no! I wish you some relief and hope the meds can help.

    The play silks are gorgeous!

  10. Prince Vallium?! Love that.

  11. Oooh, glad you have Prince Valium to help you relax a bit; maybe tonight will be much better! I grit and grind during my sleep, but I’ve gotten a lot better, thank goodness. Or maybe the quality of my life has gotten much better, since I don’t have pain issues all the time anymore.

    Yay for gifties!

  12. I clench my teeth so hard at night I have chipped them. I have a little mouth guard that I keep forgetting to put in. *sigh*

  13. The teeth clenching, jaw grinding is not good – I have periods where I do this and they are absolutely linked to stress, and end up giving me migraines into the bargain.

    I hope the tabs help you unwind πŸ™‚

  14. Oooh, TMJ bites. So sorry to hear that!

  15. I’m sorry you are hurting! I clench my jaw in my sleep as well…I can always tell when I am REALLY stressed about something!

    I hope the pills help you out and that whatever is stressing you calms down.

  16. I have TMJ too..

  17. Oh ugh! I wondered when you first mentioned it that it was TMJ but I didn’t want to get all Dr. Google on you.

    That blows.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    And while a spa day won’t cut it, hey, you always deserve to treat yourself. At least in my book.

  18. I so completely thought TMJ but didn’t say anything. I don’t want to be one of those people who puts ideas in peoples heads causing a mad rush to WebMD.

    Any wine to go with your valium, sweetie??

    I wish you rest. And de-stressing of some type. And much less jaw locking.

  19. YIKES. That is a lot of tension, girl. I hope that you find a way to melt it away.

    And how darling are those silks? What a cool idea!

  20. I want valium! I have TMJ and it’s really bad with stress. I clench my jaw pretty tight when I sleep. The only good thing about TMJ is I have a good excuse to not give hubby blow jobs. I’m such a bitch. I make up for it with rockin’ sex! I’m sorry, too much TMI for a post about TMJ.

  21. Oh, that sucks. My mom had TMJ and she can’t eat hamburgers because it hurts her jaw. I know I’m totally gonna get it, too, because I grind and clench my teeth all the time.

  22. This
    is what I have for my jaw problems. It’s not for everyone, tho

  23. enjoy those drugs…..take the “prince” for a nice ride to lala land…lol.

  24. So I was right about the grinding! I’m surprised he gave you valium though. I would think that he would tell you to go get a mouth guard or something.

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