Thursday Tidbits

October 17, 2007

It is Thursday right?

Anansi has moved in and apparently unpacked.

The darn thing won’t leave.
And I won’t get rid of it. Loogit it. Would you mess with this?


Then, we have this. Fa’s first class project. A Lima Bean Plant. She’s been taking care of him since the first week of school. She named him Max. Looks like a Max doesn’t he?

This kid is absolutely loving school. She pops up in the morning raring to go. And she’s exhausted at night. I love it. The bedtime routine still sucks donkey ballsack (for you Kevin)…but she is happy and learning and oh!!!!

She spells words and her name and writes all of her letters now too. She came home spelling “H.O.T.” They made applesauce and that must’ve been the word of the day!

(The artist known as Fa)

She also likes Golden Delicious apples the best compared to Red Delicious and Granny Smiths. C’mon. How friggin funny is that? So all in all, I may not be able to eat anything but soft foods, my kid is doing a phenomenal job in preschool!

We are now in the planning stages of her 4th birthday extravaganza! More on that later.

The latest from the bunghole:
(Put your pants on!)


And, the other day, Fa had chocolate on her face. I wanted to clean it off.
Do you know what I said to her? “C’mere…I want to wipe your pussy.”

I know.
I meant “Puss” and the “y” just came flowing outward.

Mom of the Year?



  1. LOL!! Great post- made me laugh!

  2. Geeezus, now that Trisha isn’t around, that spider would be able to take over my whole apartment. I’d just go stay with my sister until my wife got back.

    Oh, about the wiping thing? I say that to trisha everyday and she pays me no mind. I don’t think you scarred Fa or anything, she’ll be fine 😛

    Sounds like she’s doing excellent in school!

  3. You definitely deserve an award for THAT one. Ya nut.

    And aren’t all of Fa’s projects awesome! I’ve kept everything that my kids have brought home so far. I need to rent out another home, just to store everything! Sigh.

    They (the kids) are so edible, aren’t they?

  4. “Do you know what I said to her? “C’mere…I want to wipe your pussy.”

    omg wayyyyyyy too funny…just wait til Fa is a teenager …then any innocent slip of the tongue because a HUGE top of conversation over dinner…like OMG get over it already is what I have to say…lol.

    Thanks for the giggles…loved the pic of the dog…

  5. Good grief. I about fell out of my chair from lauging so hard – naming a lima bean plant “Max” and then the pussy story.

    You are too much!!!!!

  6. She’s got good handwriting! Really, I’m impressed. But how do you know she was writing about fresh applesauce, and not her opinion of your new hairstyle?

    My husband shares her preference for Golden Delicious apples, something that took me YEARS to learn… all I could remember was that he liked certain non-red apples, so I kept coming home with Granny Smiths and saying “look, I got your favorites!” No, you didn’t. But now that I can remember about the G.D. apples, I’m having trouble finding them at the grocery stores. Does Fa have a secret source she’s not telling us about?

  7. Yay for school! Yay for Pussy! So funny, my son call Percy (a train on the Thomas the train shows) “Pussy.” He’s always wanting to see Pussy in books, on TV…whereever he can see Pussy.

  8. As soon as I saw the spider I almost backed out of this post! lol Glad I kept reading.

    Isn’t it amazing just how much they’re learning? I love it!

    I still want your dog! lol He is just too fricken cute!

  9. Hahah, that is too funny!

  10. Bwahahahaha!

    Yay for liking school!

  11. I love the picture of her writing. I’m impressed!!

  12. If we’re being real… it’s not like you DON’T have to wipe her pussy too.

  13. Super smart kid you have there … I hear all the brains come from the mom … but eh I am biased … hehe! That is a great plant too.

    eeek that is a scary spider.

  14. Anansi is gorgeous
    But you know she’s going to leave you a nest of 1000’s

    I prefer golden to Reds & granny’s too.
    The honeycrisp is even BETTER!!!

  15. adding the “Y”?? Nice job, Mom! HA!

    And that spider? Holy crap.

  16. I’ve sure missed seeing that mut! 🙂

  17. Fa’s got great taste in apples. Golden delicious are the best for sauteeing. (they great for caramel apple filled Crepes).

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