"MNO was a Bust Haiku" ~ The Day After

October 20, 2007

Just HAD to update…

Rain, rain go away
You’ve fucked up my MNO
I’ll see you next week


Who needs MNO?
When you have a dinner date
With a friend tonight!



  1. So sorry the rain ruined your evening out … hope all goes fab this evening 🙂

  2. Darn rain!

    I have been here, but I have a heck of a time commenting! Don’t think that I am gone! I’m here, just kind of forced into lurking….

  3. Make that dinner date do double duty as a mom’s night out!

  4. MNO.. .. takes on a whole different feeling when you call it a GNO

    (Granny’s night out. giggle)

  5. hmmm. you got rain on your MNO. Did you off the spider? they say killing a spider makes it rain.

    I’d whup you at pool.

  6. LOL. Nice follow up. At least you had a good back-up plan 🙂

  7. Snort – excellent haiku!

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