Update on the dog

October 22, 2007

He’s got a skin rash/allergy.

We got our couches cleaned a few weeks ago and I think the chemicals they used effected him and his sensitive skin…He has little red bumps all over his body, neck to tail. He’s literally jumping out of his skin.

He bit Fa today because she went to go pet his back. That was the last straw.

We took him to the vet.

He’s on an antihistamine and antibiotic. 3x a day.

I fucking love having a dog.

Let’s do this mathematically, in 15 months I have spent:

$1500.00 for initial purchase of the dog on July 9, 2006
$15.00 Pet Tracking System Yearly fee
$80.00 Initial pet visit 7/31 2006
$166.70 First round vaccines/antibitotics for Giardia/Vet Visit 8/7/06
$200.00 Second round vaccines/Giardia Vaccine/Vet Visit 9/11/06
$500.00 for three months of last option Giardia regiment/New Vet Visit 10/2/06
$300.00 Vaccines and vomiting and diarrhea treatment 12/15/07
$330.00 Vet Follow up after Giardia Treatment/Vaccines 1/2/07
$270.00 Vet visit on 4/17 (1st full yearly vaccines and check up)
$670.00 Emergency ass drainage 7/22/07
$174.00 Vacation Boarding 9/4/07
$215.00 Allergy visit and meds 10/22/07
$65.00 every three months for flea and tick and heartworm meds

Go ahead…add it up…I just can’t find it in me to actually do the calculations…I may vomit.



  1. oh, I forgot to mention that this is my new blog address:

  2. Here we go again. More pretending not to like the dog that deep, deep down you LOVE.

  3. Glad it is nothing too serious…geez that's a lot of $$$!

  4. My teenagers don’t cost that much! Holy cow, that’s a whole lotta moohlah!!

  5. Geeezus Girl!

    That dog needs to belong to Trump!

  6. Dogs are expensive – I’ve got 2 of them! I do understand. Sigh.

    And we had a dog emergency here over the weekend as well. I’ll be blogging about it, but Jack scared the CRAP out of us, and had to be rushed to the puppy ER. He’s fine now, but OMG.

    Red wine REALLY helps.

  7. my old bassett had skin that way. I just got him one 40 dollar allergy shot every 3 months.

  8. …but the luuuuurrrrvvvv you feel.

  9. Oh my, pets are as expensive as children aren’t they.

  10. I’m really bad at math but even I know that’s a lot of money!!! Sheesh! That dog better at least pull a kid out of a well for all that!

  11. OH MY GOSH…will you adopt me! I promise not to need to be vaccinated (much) hehe And I can solemnly swear I have never needed emergency ass drainage.

  12. Now that I’m responsible for my own pets I understand what my mother meant when she said we couldn’t afford another dog.

    But it is so hard when finances interfere with making the medical choices you’d like to make to save a beloved pet.

    ~big hugs~

  13. That there dear child is what my daddy would have called “a 14 karat parasite.”

  14. I know, isn’t outrageous? This is why I’m considering insurance for our new pup. Our last dog had chronic allergies. Between his food, meds, and frequent vet visits he cost us thousands of dollars per year. Then in the last 4 months of his life I spent $4000 on tests, procedures, and meds to diagnose his cancer. The damn dogs steal our hearts and money.

  15. now ya know why I haven’t broken down and allowed the gremlins to get a dog..lol.

    It really is expensive and adds up…but their love is soooo worth it.

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