Wonder Woman and Sickly Dog

October 22, 2007

My bloggin’ bud Chelle is making my head swell.

She gave me this:“The Wonder Woman Award”

All that, after she gave me these:
I mean, c’mon…How much more can a gal take?

I’m gonna go and help her move to Canada myself if she keeps this up!

I actually thought about being Wonder Woman for Halloween…But I have no place to go this year. Just taking Fa to trick or treat…Amazing how the years have mellowed. And I am far from Wonder~ous these days.

I think I’m supposed to tag a bunch of people for this..but I am a little distraught today..(yet again) so I am gonna just give this award to “The Shake Shake Queen” because she is a true Wonder Woman in my eyes.


Saturday night was yummy. Sushi. And Asahi. My two favorite things. It couldn’t be a MNO because I was the only M.

This Saturday, the M’s are gonna try again. Wish us luck and pray for a crisp, cool, inclement weather free night!


RT is sick. Again.

This time, it’s not his bunghole. It seems to be his back. We were out all day yesterday and when we got home at night he was breathing funny and lethargic. The vet said to give him aspirin and see if he feels better. He’s still not himself this morning.

Fucking Puppy Mill…I swear I just found out the place we got him is a puppy mill and I truly think he’s defective…I’m sick to death over the poor research skills I implemented to find a dog. I admit. I am an ass. And I don’t feel like “Wonder Woman” when it comes to the dog.

Animal Rights, keep your comments to yourself…If anything, I rescued him from that shit-hole and now my guilt is pouring out of my wallet, so you can all just shut the fuck up.

I have to take him to the vet…again…ca~ching…and see what he thinks.

I hate to sound so concerned for my wallet here, but I am in a single income home and we paid an initial fortune for a dog that was supposed to be a healthy, pure breed. I have spent thousands in sick vet bills alone…forget his yearly and his shots and his food and his vitamins and his tick and flea regiment…I mean, c’mon already.

I may have to go back to work just to take care of the dog.

Again, bite me, animal rights…I’m not in the mood.

I may be back, I may not. Don’t wait around for me…I may be at work.



  1. It’s amazing how much we spend on our wee beasties.

  2. Oh no, poor you and poor RT. Hope he gets well soon and your wallet not completely emptied.

  3. I’m blushing JJ. Blushing! Do you know how hard it is to make me blush?

    Thank you so much! You are too kind!

    Oh, poor doggie!

    I know how you feel…we love our animals but man, they can be expensive.

    I hope you get our MNO together. Those are SO fun!

  4. What, you don’t dress up in costume when you take Fa trick-or-treating?

    I’m in the small-but-fun minority of parents who do always dress up for ToTing. This year, I’m going to be a decked-out witch to go with the boy’s Harry Potter. I have this wild fuschia velvet cloak that I’m going to wear over a long skintight purple velvet dress. The cloak was my great-grandmother’s, and when I took it out last night to play dress-up and figure out my costume, it was dusty enough to give me an asthma attack. I might not be able to breathe, but I’m going to look wild.

    I’m also going to a Halloween-themed wedding this weekend, and all guests are required to come in costume. I can’t wait!

  5. It’s okay to think about your wallet with regard to the dog.

    I had to take my child to the hospital this weekend, and now I’m thinking about my wallet too.

    A coworker & I have the same insurance (through our company) & when she took her dtr to a clinic at the same hospital, none of it was covered. She was there for an hour & got a $300 bill. We were there for a day, had tons of labwork & Gage was there for extended observation. I can’t imagine what our bill will be!

    and the puppy: you did save him.

  6. Congrats on your award. I have never seen such a neat and unique award. So nice!

  7. I am so sorry about the dog! I hope he will be okay!

  8. awww shucks … you are too sweet!

    I totally get the wallet thing. I am sure people were not too pleased when we did not pay for a feeding tube and tests for the cat. My heart regrets it a little even though I know we did right by the cat. We would still be treating him and for what to move the poor thing again. Gosh I miss him though.

    It is ok to be concerned about cost. Your hairless family counts too.

  9. You would make the best wonder woman!!!!!

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