Baby Boy

October 25, 2007

It’s raining and cold today. There’s a fall chill in the air.

I just dropped Fa off at school.

As I was waiting to get gas, I saw them. Waiting. In the rain.

Her in flip flops, him in the papoose around her. No hat, no blanket to shield him from the elements. Just them. Standing.

I had the heat of the car keeping me warm and dry. I had a full tank…I pretty much have all I need. Amazing how life is.

I couldn’t stand seeing them getting soaked.

I offered her a ride.

They were going to a train station not all that far away by car. But by bus, it would have taken three transfers.

She accepted gratefully.

I didn’t have the proper car seat for him so I drove slowly and carefully trying to gleam some sort of information from her and some sort of protection for us all from whatever guides me.

He’s a month old. She only speaks Spanish. Luckily, I understand more than I think I do.

The mother in me took over and I took her to her destination. I left her with my very best Espanol…”Vaya adentro con ese muchacho del bebé…Tenga cuidado!”

I hope that baby boy is okay.



  1. Thank you for being so kind, friend.

  2. that was an amazing act of kindness.

  3. your bound to get into heaven! He he he ! Your awesome!

  4. I am impressed … but after you told the situation, somehow I KNEW you were going to help.

    Well done.

  5. What an amazing act of kindness. I, too, hope they will be fine.

  6. I would have (and have) done the same thing. Thank you for writing that. I hope they will be ok!

  7. I’m proud to say I have friends like you.

  8. You are a good woman.

    I only understood a bit of what you said though.

    Hugs to you for being YOU.

  9. You rock my friend.

  10. VERY.Very kind of you! Inspiring story! Things like that don’t happen often.

  11. What a kind hearted person you are. I hate to admit, I would have been afraid to do that – but I admire that you had the courage to give her a ride. Thanks for sharing this with us – I needed to read this tonite for many reasons… Thanks again.

  12. yes.

    If more people did what you just did.


  13. now I sit here wondering ….

  14. I remember when I was a child, my dad did that in Toronto for a lady and her baby in the rain, it had a great impact on me.

  15. You are such a good person. I know she had to have appreciated that so much!

  16. That was such a kind act JJ!

  17. I’m so glad you did that, and I hope they’re OK.

  18. I love people like you. Oh hell, I love you!! What a pefectly lovely thing to do.


  19. what wonderful act of kindness and for them i’m sure it meant the world

  20. You are just a kind soul. Someone who does good things just because it is who they are. Not because they are TRYING to be good. You just are, lady.

  21. That was a very kind thing to do. A lot of people (myself included I’m sad to say) would have thought “Should I? Nah.” and then driven on. Kudoos to you for stopping.

  22. wow wtg good for you…I am proud of you and I am sure they appreciated it!!!

  23. You rock! Hopefully she’ll pay that kindness forward.

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