Whaddya think?

October 29, 2007

IF and I mean IF I were to dress up the dog for Halloween…which one should I chose?

‘Skunk RT’…He does have stinky ass glands that need to be drained tri-monthly.

‘Pumpkin RT’…He may just wear this.
Looks comfy enough?

‘Rock Lobster RT’…I could throw him in a pot afterwards…
Who’d eat that?

‘Jailbird RT’…he’s usually locked up anyways…He may feel at home.
(Oh, stop…he’s not ALWAYS locked up….you should see the drool covered couches as proof)

‘Farmer Ted RT’…Too cute.
I love the suspenders!
‘Bessie the Cow RT’…He’d be color coordinated.
All the while, running from Fa who’d be wanting to ‘milk’ him.

‘Carney Caller RT’…he does have a loud yap.
And he is annoying enough.

‘Here Comes the Bride RT’…Nuthin’ like a cross-dressin’ dawg.
He’d look mahvelous.
‘Biker Dude RT’…My all time fave.
Ruff and tuff.

‘Asian RT’…love the braid!
And look at that face? How come RT doesn’t sit this long?

Who am I kiddin’ I ain’t dressin’ up no dog for Halloween.

These are cute ideas though.
But I better not, he’s already depressed about the idea! C’mon out boy, I’m only kidding.



  1. I so, so needed this this morning.

  2. LOL too funny! I LOVE the pumpkin photo….and the skunk. Too many great ones to choose from.

  3. hahaha the skunk would be perfect for the little stinker.

  4. If that dog knew what a lawyer was he’d probably sue. I’m partial to the harley rider one. Funny.

    I have a post on June 29th that goes along with the photo on your header.


  5. I have to say, I love the Farmer one! Something about dressing a dog in overalls seems both impossible and impossibly funny!

  6. looks like he’s already dressed up as a couch. hehehehee

  7. Poor RT … all of that abuse, and then you still talk about how much you allegedly hate him.

    I like Biker Dude the best.

  8. Come on, you gotta do the skunk!

  9. I am loving the skunk…lobster too 🙂

  10. omg…the farmer ted one is killing me!!!

  11. By the way, you’re quoting songs from Rent, which is only my favorite musical in the whole world!!! I’m officially adding you to my favorites because of that! lol

  12. I love RT

  13. I cast my vote for Rock Lobster!

  14. ROFL! Awww! They are all so cute, but I have to agree with you… the biker one is the best. 😀

    Thanks for commenting on my Frisk post, I’m glad you’ll be joining us Friskers on the 15th 😉

  15. oh, I fear, now, for Bostons everywhere…!

    but, damn, it’s about the lobster 🙂

  16. I say, re-name Artie “Cher” and have him wear them all.

    Too cute!

  17. OMG. I LOVE dogs in cotumes.
    Thanks for the smile.

  18. ROFL – I like the lobster!

  19. lovedddddd the pics…thanks for sharing…

  20. I like the skunk! Is this your dog or are these pictures of other people’s dogs? If so, they look just like yours!

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