Halloween According to Chicken Little

November 1, 2007

This was the first Halloween ever, where she actually went “Trick-or-Treating”…I am so amazed by the difference a year makes.

She wanted to be “Chicken Little“. So I did my best to make the entire costume and the green glasses. Try finding a genuine ‘CL’ costume three years after the movie comes out…it was way to expensive. Yes, I tried that online bidding store too…You’d be luckier to find a piece of the sky in your bedroom.

She loved getting candy and running through the neighborhood in her costume telling everyone who she was…I put a cat face on and she would say…”I’m Chicken Little, and this is my kitty!”

It was so wonderful to see how much she’s grown. I am officially the mother of a big girl.

“Yummy Goodies!!!!
Let’s Go!
Let’s Go!
Let’s Go!
Trick or Treating…..”

“Mommy’s Worst Nightmare!”

“Doodie Rolls”

“M & M’s… My Favorite”

“Oooh…My NEW favorite…
S & M’s

Hope you had a wonderful and chocolatey Halloween!!!!

I gotta go detox now.



  1. YUM! Happy Halloween!

  2. Sounds like Chicken Little and her kitty had a great time.

    I’m not going to touch the “S&M’s” comment.

  3. I never really appreciated Skittles til recently. I used to be strictly chocolate when it came to candy, but now I love Skittles, Starburst, Nerds, Spree and especially Smarties. I’m sure we’ll all be back online when we emerge from our sugar comas.

  4. Oh how wonderful! Becca was really into that movie. Now she is into Franklin. Thank goodness she did not want to be a turtle ….

    Total cuteness, I am glad she enjoyed Halloween.
    BTW My daughter wants your daughter’s hair in the worst way ever since she saw a picture of it she has been asking me when her hair will grow like you know that girl that was blogging. I (heart) my kid!

  5. Mmmm, S&M’s!

  6. Time goes by too fast doesn’t it??

    And hey! Lay off the Doodie …errr, Tootsie Rolls! They are my fave. Got any left?

  7. Yes, Halloween was way too good for us. Of course the twins had a wonderful time and watching them trick or treat is a joy but I think I overindulged.

  8. I am now free of all kid-related Halloween obligations. Yay! But…I kind of miss it.

  9. Mmmmmm….candy.

    Happy belated Halloween 🙂

  10. Lovin’ Chicken Little! Very cute. 🙂

    And I forgot all about “The Great Pumpkin” until I read your blog … sniff, sniff, we didn’t watch it this year.

  11. S & M’s! Too funny. Thankfully my husband took a buttload of candy to work with him, and I don’t care too much for chocolate. 6 kids trick or treating = 1000’s of pieces of candy!

  12. Damn it, I WISH that you had been out here for Halloween!!

    I was just yelling at my parents on the phone for eating glazed donuts two days in a row and then I looked down and realized that I had just eaten 5 Nestle crunch bars and chased it with a KitKat.

  13. SO GLAD your little cutie had fun!!

    3 Musketeers is my fave, too.
    And Reeses.
    And PB M&M’s.
    And Twix.

  14. S&Ms. I don’t think I’ll ever look at at skittle the same way ever again. 🙂

  15. halloween is the worst day of the year for a mom with a kid that has ADHD…it is such a nightmare..always glad when it is over!!!

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