Are you wondering? Haiku Pink

November 2, 2007

What this is all about?

Well, it’s a very important reminder to ‘check yo’self befo you wreck yo’self.’

No, all kidding aside.

October has come and gone and breast cancer awareness month…is just that. ONE month long…But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep aware for the rest of your life.

The blog colors may change, the seasons come and go but the sentiment is the same. Every day. Women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

It can happen to you, me, your mom, your sister…but early detection is part of the fight.

So, I have joined a few other ladies including Slacker-Mommy and Mert to remind myself and YOU, (yes you…even the boys can join) to check our boobahs every month.

The 15th is a good a day as any…Although you should check yourself a week after the start of your period because your breast tissue is easier to ‘feel through’. (They are less tender and less swollen.)

If you are a boy, remind a woman you care about…or do it for her. Puhlease, you think I haven’t made my very own husband check for me when I was too panicked to do it myself? Yes, ma’mmy…he’s done it. And he’s liked it too thankyouverymuch.

So do it. Today, the 15th…every month.

I’ll remind you too!

Haiku Friday

With a few Haiku:

Boobies! Oh, boobies!
Why must you be so tender?
Cystic and naughty.

Check those boobies now!
The 15 th of every month
No better time, huh?

Pink for October
Is a friendly reminder
All year is good too.

But you can’t forget
Because I’ll be up your ass
Check those knobs again!

The pink may be gone
The sentiment is the same
The thought always there

Do it every month
Get frisky with those sistahs
They’ll thank you after

Make a game of it
Have your husband help you out
Frisking can be fun!



  1. I’m going to have to take a poetry class soon, it’s a requirement, and I’ll be studying your blog very carefully, since I think it’s safe to say that it is the one and only source of boobie haiku online or in print. Great post!

  2. I check Trisha for her almost twice a day. She’s usually awake one of those times.

    Great message though JJ!

    And the Haiku? You have talent girl 😉

  3. I’ve had my husband check so many things on me, he’s not even shocked at what I ask anymore.

  4. You are certainly to be commended for the creativity and humor you put into such a serious, significant topic.

    Very well done.

  5. Great reminder and great haiku.

  6. LMAO!!!! Amazing Haiku’s

  7. You have a true talent sista! The Haiku…awesome touch!

  8. Love this. Love!

  9. Woe is me….I’m in the swollen and too tender for even hugs right now.

    I never thought I’d want my boobs to shrink some but right now I do.

    Great haiku!

  10. You are the Haiku queen. I will check the girls promise!

  11. Okay, so we all know that I’m gay. But…I still like boobs.

    Is that okay? It’d better be, ’cause that’s what’s goin’ on…dang.

  12. You rock! Thanks for helping spread the word. You have become a Haiku pro. It’s time to publish them in a book. I’d buy it!

  13. Men need to check thier boobies too!

  14. Hey, btw, I just gave you an award for being a great blogger! Come over and check it out when you get a minute.

  15. OMG, that was great. I’ve been up all night reading and trying to wind down — but your haiku made me laugh out loud and relax a bit.

    Excellent message, excellent haiku.

    You rock!

  16. “Get frisky with those sistahs”!

    You’re right, you know. Why NOT the 15th? Dang, if I don’t schedule sex it just doesn’t happen any more. I’ll just have to schedule my self frisk as well.

  17. omg love the haiku…and love when I get the gnome to help me check the girls…lmao.

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