Joe Dick

November 6, 2007

Yeah. So, how come it’s always this person in front of me in the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular that always causes delays?It was THIS person who cut me off to get into the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular only to take HER sweet-ass time to order 17 gazillion coffees and 12 quadrillion muffins and 56 thousand-bajillion ‘munchkins’…then….then…She proceeded to have the server from the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular literally CLIMB OUT of the window to place all of her purchases into her HUMMER because she just couldn’t go INTO the store to order this ton of crap for herself….she wouldn’t dare make someone else’s life a little easier….Oh NO! Why would she let the patrons of the drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular get fast, convenient service when she’s all out to order the entire store?…

In her gas guzzling, ozone-killing machine.

Then, How come this same dickhead cuts me off after we pull out of said drive-thru-of-nothing-in-particular only to stop short for nothing at all…No light, no pedestrian…no ailing puppy…nothing.

Of course her license plate reads:

(JOECOOLI) (Is that coolie?)

“You Dick.”


  1. LOL! Hey I am in NY too- on the look out for "JoeCool" now…If I see her on the LIE I might just cut her off for ya 🙂

  2. All of that hostility. What it really boils down to is that you’re jealous of the Hummer.

    Come on. Admit it.


  3. Oh, I know her! Okay, I don’t know her, but I do know her Utah counterpart. Seriously, I think everyone has a Ms. Joecool to drive them crazy. Yikes!

  4. Some people just suck. Hope your nothing-in-particular caffeine fix was worth the wait. I love coffee & tea. :0)

  5. What a pretentious twit.

  6. I like DSB’s name for her…a pretentious twit!

  7. we can hope all the coffees spilled all over her nice car, when she slammed on her brakes

  8. I hate dicks! Well, not penises, but DICKS! Joe Cool my ass. More like Jane Dick.

  9. The thing is too big to hit too….

    That’s why some people need an airhorn. Scare the living daylights out of those people who drive those monsters.

  10. Take pleasure in the fact that the car prolly isn’t even hers and she’s just some dumb twit running an errand for the boss she’s prolly trying to sleep with to get a raise!

  11. Even if it weren’t a gas guzzle, my ego is as big as my vehicle type of vehicle, I would never drive a Hummer because of it’s name.

    It’s like declaring I give BJ’s or something.

    Dick is right…you hit it on the head.

  12. Seriously those that are like that all I am so important drive me nuts!

    Ozone killing machine completely!

  13. seriously – had them bring the stuff out of the window? Screw them.

  14. Someone cut me off today only to slow down immediately and put their left turn signal on. I beeped and gave her the finger repeatedly. She LOVED that. Heh.

  15. Cool Joe is a ho bag.

  16. the gnome has complained countless times about the same sort of people at our local Tim Hortons ( canadian version of Dunkin donuts but better of course..lmao).

  17. Hee hee..I’m laughing at RWA!

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