November 13, 2007

The dentist was phenomenal!
The Litigator is the patient fantastico!
The lip is gigantic.
The tooth is loose.
The ligaments behind it are damaged.
The big tooth behind it is unharmed. (Sigh of relief)
It will change colors.
Hopefully it will heal and return to normal in the next few weeks.
Hopefully it won’t fall out.
Hopefully we can move on from this because I am a shaking, nervous wreck.

***Thanks guys***

Before you read what I planned to post…Tell me, is she having a bad week or what?
She did a faceplant last night and busted her lip open and slammed her two front teeth…I think they are pushed back up into her gums a little…Gah! The blood…! I am sending her to the doctor/dentist ASAP this morning…Please wish us luck that it’s not as bad as it looks…


So, Fa The Litigator is sick. Poor thing.

Remember the other day when I said I was up since 2am? Well, it’s been pretty much like that all weekend. Saturday I took her to the doctor after two, full sleepless nights, and she confirmed and ear infection. I knew it.

Her first one ever.

She was in pain. But the kid tolerates pain a little freaky-like.

She was complaining only at night and during the day, peachy. Just peachy.

After two sleepless nights I ignored her pleas to NOT go to the doctor and bribed her with a trip to the pet store if she cooperated.

It worked. And she even took a strep test with not much struggle.

Here’s the kicker.

The Litigator won’t take her medicine! (OR let me look at her teeth!)

She threw up the one night I tried to jam Tylenol down her throat. It’s fun changing puke sheets and washing Liquid Tylenol soaked hair in the middle of the night, no?

Then, she refused every time after that.

But not just zipped her mouth closed and ran, refused. Oh No, that wouldn’t be fun.

She argued a bajillion reasons why she shouldn’t take her medicine. (“It’s awful!”, “I’m not really sick, Mamma. I promise.”, “That medicine won’t help me.”, “Look, I feel better already.”, I think you should give it to RT instead.”)

Hence, her new name.

Today, with chewable fruity amoxicillin in her system for four days (“I knew I would like THESE PILLS, Mamma!”) Followed by a gummi bear chaser. (Hey, a Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do.)

She seems more ‘herself’…Gah. Until last night of course.

So I got a new name for Fa… “The Litigator”.

The joke in our home is, “I got a new name for you. Wanna hear it?”

Then, you say, “Yeah”…and the other person comes up with this wacky nickname like “Poohole” or “Chicken Nuts” or “DoodieLog” or “Bucky” or something totally stupid.

It cracks us up.



  1. Poor girl!

    I loved this line,
    “She was complaining only at night and during the day, peachy. Just peachy.”

    Tell the Litigator to feel better.

  2. Yikes! That is a bad week! I hope all starts to settle down. Got to hate teeth injuries, or any injuries at all. Plus, with flu season around the corner it isn’t looking good.

    Jacob lost one of his front teeth when he was 6 months old. His first top tooth was in quite a bit farther than the rest and he decides to hook it on a small protruding object then he falls and literally hung his first and only tooth….blood and tears….the latter from mommy 😦

  3. OUch!! Poor Girl 😦

  4. Omg girl, healthy vibes over to you! And it’s only Tuesday! Knock it off!

    And the ear infection reminds me of my son. He has infections and doesn’t complain at all. One time he had both eardrums perforated and he just happened to come with me to the doc – it was one of my daughter’s appointments.

    Let us know how things go! Hope things get back to “normal” soon! xoxo

  5. Fa sounds like my son. If he’s sick he never lets on during the day. Come about 8 or 9 at night and he turns into a roaring hellbeast. Every. Single. Time. And the bad news is that he’s very prone to ear infections. The good news is that he loves the medicine.

    And cleaning up pukey sheets? Aren’t kids the greatest?

  6. oh j … it really is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    good luck with the teeth. mouths (and heads) tend to bleed excessively so they look worse than they are. at least we always hope so.

    sending hugs.

  7. Middle-of-the-night pukes are the worst. Ugh! Hope Fa is better soon.

    Just look at it this way … if her litigation skills are this good this young, imagine how good she’ll be as a high-powered attorney. She’ll never lose a case. 😉

    About the teeth, my girl lost her first tooth after a fall on the playground (when I wasn’t watching, of course). She had a scraped nose, bloody and swollen lip, and the thingie that attaches the lip to the upper gum was torn. Dentist told us it was a good thing. She’s fine.

    Sorry this got so long! Have a lovely day!

  8. My son did a few face plants, hit his teeth, bled all over. bit through his lip. fell off the back of a chair, teeth firmly locked into his bottom lip, we had to pull his lip off his teeth. Yeah the blood was bad.

    I don’t know if they ever learn. He still falls. just usually puts his arm out instead of hitting his face now.

  9. She’s funny – and I’m taking “poohole” as my own. 😉

  10. ugh girl I feel your pain. Becca was uber sick last week and now I am taking Ethan to the doctor this morning. Thankfully Ethan is too young to have much of a will of his own … HAHAHA! Insanity is seeping in!

  11. Wow- what a tough kid! I think my Onion is like that too- it seems like nothing phases him. Hope The Litigator is back in court form soon!

    PS- congratulations on your Wise Owl Award!


  12. oh now! poor Fa aka The Litigator!

    i hate the blood thing…Logan slammed his mouth of the bottom of the stairs last night as we were going up to bed. he slipped and WAM! blood. everywhere!

    there was so much blood that his sleeper was covered in it, and we had to change his pajamas. the blood eventually stopped…but not soon enough for me!

    hope Fa’s mouth/teeth are okay!

  13. Ugh, I hope she feels better. I have exactly the opposite problem with the Children’s Tylenol. My 3-year-old is constantly fake coughing at me and telling me he needs some medsin.

  14. How scary! I’m glad that the big tooth is OK. I hope she feels better!

  15. Haha, you have a ‘litigator’ and someone once told me my oldest son was such a ‘politician’! I do hope she feels better soon!

  16. Poor kid! I hope everything works out ok for the tooth.

    She deserves a break.

    And so do you!

  17. our middle daughter did the same thing. Her tooth turned brown and was finally replaced by her secondary, which thank goodness did not get damaged.

    All will be well I’m sure. Kids are so resilient.

  18. Ooh poor litigator! Thank goodness the teeth were saved. As you know my little man didn’t fair so well. He is now missing his two front teeth. Of course after several weeks though I totally think the look is cute and I’m not as devastated about the accident.

    Hope Fa/Litigator feels better soon.

  19. Good grief……sounds like you are having nothing but fun!

    I am glad to hear she is doing better!

    Here’s hoping the rest of the week fares better!

  20. you completely need a margarita and ice cream.

  21. I thought I was the only one who offers gummy bear/fruit snack/twizzler chasers as bribes. Ah, great minds think alike.

    Poor baby!

    Couple of my monkeys love the grape chewable motrin. I think I buy the Walmart brand. Long shot, I know.

  22. Awwwwwwwww poor Fa…hope the ear is all better by now…how is her mouth now? Gotta love it when they do it all at the same time eh??? LOL.

  23. oh, poor thing! I hope everything stays where it should and all medicine is taken as it should be 🙂

    Love the new name, just not good that this is how she had to go about getting it!

  24. poor little thing…

    (I love the g~tube for medicine purposes!)

  25. How did I miss this one? It’s been a few days so I hope you both are feeling better. I would have been so scared!!!

    She really behaved like a trooper at the dentist, huh? I feel we’ll probably need a straight jacket for Punkin’s first visit.

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