Please, Please, Please…Let me get what I want….this time.

November 14, 2007

As I’ve said before The Litigator’s school is a CoOp. Which means basically, for a fucking redonkulous smaller fee, you get amazing preschool but it is run by the squeakiest wheels in the neighborhood the parents .

I am not a loudmouth unless I feel strongly about something. So, most of the time here in “WonderLandSchool”, I don’t complain. I know what these teacher’s go through with these assmuch parents on a daily basis…I’ve been there, I’ve done that. So, I don’t wanna add to the annoyance.


I am starting to see, this isn’t working for me here.

I have already:

  • been ignored for being chosen to assist during the Thanksgiving luncheon (today, we are NOT going)
  • not been included as a part of the ‘class Parent’s clique’ (Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about that but I don’t get what I want)
  • not received recognition for the volunteer work I do there (which isn’t the case, but when I see notes upon notes thanking the assmunches who actually munch ass…that gets me)
  • been ignored to chair a stupid committee that I Fricken. Volunteer. For
  • AND big AND, I was already cast aside for first preference for next year. I wanted AM classed and I got PM classes….I was THE FIRST one to hand in my application. I know it because I had to MAKE THE BOX THAT HELD ALL THE REST OF THE APPLICATIONS!!!!!

They did a lottery to choose who gets AM or PM classes. I wasn’t picked for AM.

Listen, I was a teacher who fudged her own lotteries to get the parents I wanted on trips and parties and crap and ignore the weirdos plenty of times…I admit it…I know what goes on behind closed lottery doors.

What really pisses me off?

I see the same assmunches with their noses in the air in the same classes that THEY want, for two years in a row already, now going on three, while people who don’t complain are ignored. And one of the parents (who I actually like) in The Litigator’s class complained about the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Guess who got picked to go?

I think I have to start complaining.

I figured volunteering would put me in the good graces with the director. Nope. Not enough assmuching for her taste. I need to literally lick her asshole and light candles to get noticed.

I’m not sure I can bend that low.

I think I’ll stick to the PM class and get the hell outta Dodge the next year when The Litigator is in kindergarten.

Damn December Birthday, she misses Kindergarten by a whole year due to my piss poor birth planning. 19 days. 19 days, she misses the cut off by 19 days.

I’d be outta there and a whole helluva lot richer in September.



  1. I really hate all of that bullshit. Honestly. I hope you find a better place for you and for Lit. I don’t kiss ass either. Well, unless it’s a real CUTE ass and I’m getting a year supply of peanut butter m&ms.

    MWAH! xoxo

  2. Bummer on your situation….!

  3. grrr. just grrr.

    it’s so frustrating to know that you have played the game but some people don’t play by the rules but win anyway.

    hang in there.

  4. You know the drill, no good deed goes unpunished.

  5. ugh. so not looking forward to the ass kissing crap … Hang in there you are the better person for not being into that crap!

  6. Aw man- that’s crap! It sounds like you don’t fit in (and that’s a GOOD thing- who wants to run with bitches like that?)


  7. The director of my dc center isn’t even SPEAKING to me because I put my foot down about the use of the television.


  8. You are wading through a whole lotta bullshit. People keep telling me that I’ll make friends once Carson is in school. Reading posts like this make me realize that unless I assmunch or I’m elite, it just isn’t going to happen.

  9. Ugh – I’m sorry it’s so rough for you. Sugarplum is in a home daycare right now but our district has a co-op elementary program that I’m seriously looking at. I recently spoke to a teacher who put her kids through a co-op program and she really liked it, but also warned me that there would be “those parents” in the program too. The teachers probably like you a whole lot more than the whiners anyway and I bet The Litigator will come out way ahead of some of the kids with the really pushy parents.

  10. Ug…that sucks. Yeah, perhaps you should speak up. I say that from here, sitting in my comfy chair sipping my Coke, when really I’m a huge wuss. Good luck!!

  11. I freaking hate the school politics.

  12. That sucks. If I wanted some of those positions/duties and recognition, I’d start making some noise!

  13. I don’t know about all this kinda stuff but if I have to lick an asshole, count me OUT!

    Buy the director a diamond ring or something, I’m sure she’ll give you any schedule you want

  14. Stupid ass munchers. Trying to make the rest of us without shit on our nose look bad.

  15. wow…that just sounds like a big bunch of bullshit! wtf? i’m starting to fear my boys’ school years…i’m not the ass munching kind!

  16. Damn. We go through this from time to time with our school PTO, community organizations, etc. I couldn’t wait to grow up and be a grown-up so I could communicate with other grown-ups in a grown-up fashion.

    Still waitin’.

  17. hmmmmmm guess ya better read my post from tonight when ya get a chance…maybe I give ya some pointers..

    On second thought, maybe that would make things worse?? lmao.

  18. Well, that sucks the big wally!

  19. Ugh. That’s awful! I kinda expected more (and more gentleness) from a co-op. Sorry to hear this!

  20. Please, don’t lick asshole! Get the hell out of there! I just had MDO issues and Punkin has moved to the “big kids” room.

    I’m sure the old teachers hate me.

    I so don’t care!

  21. I know it sucks, but you are far better off NOT stooping to their level (as low as it may be) to munch ass, lick assholes or light candles.

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