Haiku Thank You!

November 16, 2007

Haiku Friday

It’s that time again.
Shit, this happens fast…

I think I’ll dedicate this weeks Haiku to being Thankful…

The Litigator
I’m so proud that you are smart
So damn in for it.

I can’t believe you
An answer for everything
Just like your Daddy

Yes, I love you both
With all of my heart and soul
Please pick up your things

The Provider rocks!
Patient, kind and funny too
But what kills me? Socks.

Socks, socks everywhere
Under the coffee table
I’m gonna hurl, dude

I’m thankful for you
I’m not thankful for laundry
But we can’t be nude.

Dear husband of mine
You are my rock and my chef
Without you I’d starve

Hope you are Thankful for something too…I am.

Since OTJ awarded me the Bh.D. for my “Haiku Mastery” I’m thanking her here as well…

A Bh.D. Me?
Awarded by a blog pro?
I am not worthy!

Now, I am so torn
Bh.D or Ph.D
School can wait longer

And since I received this award for my Haiku…I will forward it to some other Haiku Extraordinaries…

The first Haiku to:
Mrs. Binky Bitch Herself
Leader of Haiku

The second Haiku
Another Janet of course
Her planet is cool.

The Third Haiku to:
Blue Mamma from the fishbowl
Haiku and stains poo

The Fourth Haiku to:
Cate at Monkeys and Marbles
Play those numbers now!

The Fifth Haiku to:
Canape, the Mommy-to-be
NEVER take repeats!

The sixth haiku:
You ask what I do all day?
You know GHD!

The final Haiku:
My Last Good Nerve, Moi
Nude Harry Potter?

I think I’m done now
Haiku Masters surround me…
can go on all day


Wait! I’m NEVER done!!!
A few more Haiku to go
Another award!

Tuesday, GHD awarded me with this:
Aaahhh, Inspiration
Who Me? Esteemed Blog Mentor?
I don’t believe it!

Inspirational Bloggers
Great at what you do!

Energy is what you have
And awesome abs too!

Cece in L.A.
Lovin, Laughin’ & Livin’
And a bloggin’ pro

Have a drink on me
Ann(ie), ‘Happy Hour Queen
This one’s for you too

To Worker Mommy
Because you MUST blog for joy
You also BRING joy!

Okay, Need a Nap!
This Haiku-A-Palooza
has worn me QUITE thin!



  1. Wow! You rock at Haiku! Its great that you are so thankful! We should all take time to be thankful for what we have

  2. j- i am SUPER impressed! (not to mention totally humbled to receive your bh.d. award! thank you so much!)

    your haikus rock, as usual!

  3. You seriously rock the haiku scene

    I say we get naked for less laundry

  4. The award is cool
    I’m honored you thought of me
    Laundry is evil

  5. I had to look up what haiku was. I was afraid I was gonna Wikipeida some porn thing. The poetry has such a really nice non rhyming thing to it. Ya, know? I’ll have to try it out.

  6. Great haikus as usual!

  7. Two words here…Awe. Some.

    That’s for the award, chica! Love how you did it with haiku! Too cool.

  8. Wow. You have a black belt in ku. Way to go & way to rock the awards!


  10. Extra points for passing on through Haiku!

  11. Ah… a BhD! How fun! I’ll just add that to all the other degrees that I’m currently “not using”… hehe!

    Oh, there goes that snark again.

    Thanks for the honor! I love it 🙂

  12. wow…how long did it take you to write all those verses? yowza!

    and how did you know that i’ve been working towards my Bh.D.? seriously, i’m so honoured…’specially getting it from you! thanks! i will display it oh so proudly! 🙂

    great Haiku..really…you deserve an award for the most versus written EVAH!

    now, i’m gonna go play those numbers! 🙂

  13. Holy cow..you rock!! I do NOT know how you do this every week..you blow my mind..not that it is hard to do that..lmao.

  14. Never would have thought
    My Pookus would win something.
    Thanks! You make me smile!

  15. Yowsers! Awesome haiku. Slow day at the office? 🙂 I can’t imagine!

  16. Good ones!

    By the way – you’ve been tagged for a meme! 🙂

  17. OMG. That is so creative. I love it and I love the award. =) Thanks sugar! My blog posts consist of the word crap and sometimes I toss in a two or three syllable word if I feeling particularly engaging. Nicely done!!!! I love your blog!

  18. You really are good at this haiku stuff.

    But why can’t we be nude?

  19. Well done you. What a star. Those haikus always impress me.
    Best wishes

  20. I need to study haiku a bit more and get the nuance.

    I think my best one was this summer on a hot day
    I said:

    Sizzling Asphalt
    Ice cold mall

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