In this house

November 19, 2007

While the Litigator is in a time out…

I need SOMEthing to get me through.

Thank GOD for Photo Booth on my Mac. Serves me with hours of entertainment.

No, she was NOT happy while I was playing during her time out!
(and no, I didn’t know there was recorded sound on it either…I would have used her screams)

Go ahead. Ask me.
“Why was she in a Time Out?”

“Well, she lied to me and told me she took her medicine, but what she really did was HIDE it under the pillows on the couch!”

“She’d never get away with that in court.”


We are all addicted to music.
My husband turned me on to this magazine.
If you love music, especially music that hails from the UK, this magazine is for you.

This was November’s cover.

The Litigator wants to know what she’s wearing.

Good question.
She sure as hell ain’t doin’ the locomotion here!

Time to start censoring our shit.




  1. Does that shirt have something to do with her cancer?

    Hmmm…think there could have been a better – or at least less ugly – way to get that point across.

    Time outs rock, eh??

  2. Our kids sure get exposed to stufff a lot earlier than we did!

  3. hehe that is what I need are some time outs!

    Sorry she was not taking her meds…. that had to be frustrating for you.

    I (heart) macs!

  4. hmmm. interesting outfit, for sure.

    and i heart my mac too.

  5. Too funny! The video, not the part about the medicine. Whatever gets us through, huh?

  6. Great video!

  7. I want Photobooth! What is going on with that dress? Are those her nipples or is it printed on the dress?

  8. I have no idea what she’s wearing either… it’s just odd!

    great video!

  9. Ok, Photo booth rocks. I need to get that software asap!

  10. Holy crap…. if you ever make it to Houston – you HAVE to talk with Mark. He loves UK music and that magazine is in every bathroom of our house.

  11. So, um, the nipples should be UNDER my clothes?

    …dammit. I’ve been doing it wrong.

  12. wow, that film is trippy.

  13. I don’t get what she’s wearing either.

  14. Someday that lil litigator is gonna make you a lot of money..mark my words…”fa for president” will make a great banner someday…woooohooooo..lol.

  15. I love Kylie.

    I love her.

  16. what is this “Photo Booth” you speak of, and where can i get it????? my Mac wants it!

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