The Black Hole

December 12, 2007

As per 12/12/07 these items have gone missing from the casa de filthy laundry.

  • 1 pair sunglasses (blue flowers)
  • 1 right winter boot from pair (pink and furry)
  • 1 pair Children’s Place panties (pink and blue camouflage) I just don’t know.
  • 3 sets hair clips (purple, green, yellow glitter)
  • 2 dog chewies (shredded) Probably ingested and crapped out already.
  • 1 stuffed kitten (“Puddin”, black) Better come outta hidin’ fast.
  • 1 pair mittens (pink) Of course.
  • 1 entire tea set including creamer and sugar bowl (floral, ceramic)
  • 1 roll stamps for thank you cards (Forever stamps)
  • unidentified number of Littlest Pet Shop pets (all favorites and devastation ensues)
  • 1 sane brain (Mom’s)

It’s amazing I find my bed at night.

Oh! And remember this rant? Well. I got what I want. I got the extended day Morning class. Ahem. Good for me.



  1. wtg…..just wait a few years…there will be a lot more missing…trust me…lmaoooooooo.

    WTg on getting the mornings that you wanted.

  2. Don’t worry, with the holidays and birthdays, they will soon forget about the Littlest Pet Shop (this stuff is almost as bad as the devil incarnate – Polly Pocket). Then when you do find it, you can throw it away!!!

  3. Also, I would love to make a list of everything that is missing, but I can’t remember most of it. For all I know, it’s been found.

  4. my list would be very short — because the FIRST thing i lost was my mind and i cant remember a freakin’ thing. comes with advancing age. sigh.

    cool on morning class. yay!

  5. Good for you on the mornings, I was pissed on your behalf when I read that post. Our missing item crises revolve around Hot Wheels and teeny tiny Lego pieces.

  6. Where did all the stuff go?

  7. Congratulations on the class.

    It sounds like you better find that stuffed kitten and those other “pets” quick!

  8. It makes for a sorry assortment to be sure.
    BEst wishes

  9. So, the same little monster who eats sh*t at my house must be at your house eating up your sh*t too.
    Apparently his favorite snack is a sock. Just one. He always leaves the other one behind. Oh, and he likes flip-flops too. Watch out.

  10. Huh…the casa de filthy just may possibly be possesed 😉

    Naw…same thing happens chez WM. Nine times out of ten I probably did something with them in a rush to get them out of the way and clean my house and then because I have no memory whatsoever I forget I did it. *sigh*

    Thanks for the b’day wishes!

  11. Funny. I wonder if our missing things are together, frolicking on vacation in Hawaii, drinking pina coladas and slathering on the sunscreen. I have recently had a noticable increase in the number of items go missing.


  12. I’m missing stuff from 15 years ago… *sigh* I just decided to miss place my brian so I wouldn’t care anymore. hehehehhee

    Our latest mystery is that Kiddo has somehow lost his one and only belt. grrrrr

  13. I am missing some socks, too. If they show up at your place, can you let me know?

  14. i just discovered something that had been “lost” in my x-mas decor box what a suprise…maybe this stuff will just magically re-appear like that. glad you got the am classes too!

  15. I’m in the gutter so much that I thought your title would be about a butt or something.

  16. Eek, that sucks about the missing stuff. But YAY for getting the extended morning class!

  17. I can relate. my house is currently a disaster zone. I’ve taken to pulling clothes from the backseat of my car and handing them to my daughter for school (in my defense, thse are mostly accessories like scarves and rainhats, etc)…CHAOS

  18. How lame am I??? How long have you been on word press? I think I’ve gotten lost in the blogosphere and I can’t seem to find the time to read my reader regularly. Everyone must hate me including you. Hopefully all those archived posts are posts that you had in blogger. Sorry it took me so long to follow you here. You keep moving!

  19. I can guarantee you’ll find something if you throw away the matching pair (or whatever else goes with it)

  20. w00t for getting what you want!

    Gnomes man, they are nasty thieves!

  21. maybe thaey are vacationing with 2 crocs from my house…no, they are not a pair they are halves of 2 pairs…ugh.

  22. . . .

    geez man

    i also have a black hole, but not the laundry
    over my 7 years of living in this house
    in order what ive lost ( what i can remember )
    1st to go
    -Friends Darth vaider action figure helmet 5 or 6 years ago
    -something i forgot
    – recently a few months ago, left my painball mask in the guest room ( no guests ) on the floor, following morning i went crazy looking for them, never found

    just yesterday- my cell phone, i put in my pocket from the garage, went to my room, changed watched tv for 15 minutes, and then started to retrace my steps tearing the house done looking for it

    never found

    oh yeah a tv remote a few years ago,

    some smaller things i found in the couch but my cell phone isnt tere =((( i cant believe this

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