Ku’ Ku’ Kachoo

December 14, 2007

Haiku Friday

Online shopping rules
What would I do without it?
Manage the malls? Nope.

Almost done shopping
Just a few more presents left
Wallet is empty

Does she really need
everything that I bought her
when toys overflow?


Birthday and Christmas
Piss poor planning on my part
5 days in between

What was I thinking?
Having a baby that week
Poor thing will be jipped

One gift for two days?
I will make sure that it’s not
It’s the thought that counts

The kid is lucky
Christmas and Birthday wrapping
MUST be separate

She will always know
Even if there were no gifts
She leads a charmed life


Dining room a mess
Moldings and painting galore
It better be done

Living like this sucks
A fucking mess in all rooms
The outcome devine!

I’ll snap some pictures
Of before and after too
To share with just you

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  1. my niece’s birthday is tomorrow, and my brother always makes sure that they celebrate the hell out of her birthday so that she knows it’s different than Christmas…of course, she’s only turning two, but i guess it’s good to start early! πŸ™‚

    i wish i could shop online more than i do. fucking Amazon. the canadian site (amazon.ca) only sells books, dvds, cds…no toys or electronics or anything else. Amazon.com won’t ship to Canada! too many places won’t ship to Canada!!!

    great Haiku! happy Friday babe!

  2. Such a great ‘Ku! I think it’s really great that you wrap her stuff seperate and make her birthday so special!!

    Ive found myself shopping more and more online.

  3. OMG, I just love the home improvement ones. I’m with you, except that Mr. Man has been improving MY OFFICE. It makes looking at blogs very difficult.

    You are so talented. Must get to todays haiku … the cold medicine is affecting my creativeness.

  4. Ooo you’re a clever one!
    Best wishes

  5. I am quite certain that Fa will never be “gipped” with a birthday so close to Christmas. Mom will make sure of that!

    And what is so wrong with the malls?!??!? It is fun to take your time, do your shopping and watch people acting crazy.

  6. as a fellow december birthday baby, i applaud your wrapping in two different papers and separating the celebrations! my birthday has fallen during hanukkah more times than i can count … like this year. it sucks. (but it gives me something to complain about at least!)

    on-point ‘ku as usual.

  7. Who cares if she NEEDS the presents? Christmas is about WANTS, and I know she wants them!

    And I’m with you. All the crazies can have the mall in December. I’ll shop on line or in Oct, Nov or we just won’t have anything!

    Feeling better? Things kicking in?

  8. my son was born december 23…so, i know the feeling! we celebrate chanukkah, here but…some years, he gets gypped. and, for his birthday party, 1/2 his preschool class is going on vacation!
    as for mall shopping…no way…especially, this time of year. internet all the way, baby!
    i tried my first haiku, today. it was fun. yours…amazing! i can’t get the linky thing to work but, it shows up on my post…just doesn’t take you anywhere!

  9. Degree in English,
    Does not make me qualified
    For Comment Haiku!

    …I am so glad you jumped over to wordpress, because between my jacked up computer, and blogger s-l-o-w-ing down your site, I couldn’t keep up with you half the time! I’m glad the surgery went well, and I hope you continue to improve and enjoy life to the fullest with your baby girl. I was thrilled to see you were my first comment on my new post (after my unplanned blogging hiatus!) Hope we’re able to “see” more of each other now!

  10. My daughter was born 12/8 and son 1/3. How stupid am I? I make a very converted effort to separate the holiday and the b-day.

    And, you are so right, the internet rules for shopping!

  11. That was supposed to say ‘concerted’ effort. Woops!

  12. Aww lovey, this was so sweet!
    You know, they’re born when they’re meant to be. πŸ™‚ I love that you strive so hard to make sure they’re separate and that she knows that it’s her day and then there’s Christmas later. That’s wonderful of you.
    You did a wonderful job on the haikus and I adore!! That you used Ku Ku Kachu (or however you spell it) Now I’m singing that song in my head!
    I’m thrilled that I found you and we’re bloggy buds now. You are a daily blessing.

  13. Yes, share photos! I don’t want to feel like I’m the only person in the world with a messy home!

  14. I hear ya! My hubby’s is Dec 15th and my son’s on the 17th. I’m going broke and fast!!!

  15. I had a 12/30 baby and a 12/17 baby. 12/17 baby married a 12/24 baby.

  16. ps. great haiku. You’re really doing well on this

  17. very nice!

  18. I am a walrus … hehe

    Unpacking all these toys … and knowing there is MORE under the tree is CRAZY! But you know our kids so totally rock … so their toys do too πŸ™‚

  19. love the haiku…will look forward to seeing the pics too.

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