Frisky! Frisky!

December 15, 2007

Now, you know I don’t post on weekends.

But I made a solemn vow.

To remind you all.

Go Frisk yourself.

I’ll wait.


Need help? Go here

Need some good “Frisking Strategies”?

That was fine, just fine.

Thank you.



  1. LOL. That was a bit disturbing 🙂
    But, thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Oh right that kind of frisking, don’t think I need to watch a video though!

  3. thanks for the reminder. it’s so important.

  4. Go Frisky yourself too.

  5. omggggg that is toooooo funny…sorry not the frisking but the youtube clip…that cat was so cute.

    Thanks for the giggle.

  6. hahahahaha that cat is getting more action than I am. lmao

  7. oh that was funny… and reminiscent of a cat we had. I would wake up in the morning and think I was having a heart attack – because she had curled her fat body into a ball on my chest.

    Frisking away…

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