Holy Crap I’m Tired!

December 17, 2007

Now, you’ll know why I haven’t been reading my habits favorite blogs this weekend.

We did our Dining Room.

What a job. But I am so happy with the outcome.

Fortunately, I have two very burly and quite handsome men (dad & husband) to help me out.

Here’s a few before shots: (Click to Biggen all the photos)

Dining Room Before

Manny Installing Moldings

Here’s some after shots…With the new moldings, fresh, blue paint and crisp new curtains:

Keep in mind, I still need some junk on the walls. Oh! and a rug.

Antique Hutch
(My prize piece)
That is the antique piece I picked up cheapy…Matches the rest of the furniture.
My mom painted most of those ceramic pieces in there…I am getting her China too.
For that buffet.

Dining Room
(Blue Room)

What to put on that wall?
(What should I put on this wall?)

We also put up the tree…Yay.

Yay Tree
(I love our tree)

I need a nap.

Too Much Activity



  1. BLUE! Oh, blue! One day, if we ever have a home with a dining room, I will paint it blue! Blue is my FAV colour in the world…so calming, so romantic. Looks awesome.

  2. I love it! I can’t wait to do some of my own remodeling! (I know I say that every year, but it will eventually happen, I’m sure!

    LOVE your furniture…..and your tree!

  3. Very nice. You had quite a busy weekend, I can tell.

  4. I love it! Great job!

  5. Nicely done! It make me want to post the before & after shots of our dining room.

    On that wall that needs something … two sconces & a piece of art? Or 3 coordinating pieces? Ideally, one piece of art that is actually 3 pieces … did that make sense at all?

  6. That all looks so awesome, but right now the nap sounds and looks best.

  7. It looks beautiful!!
    If y’all have a kirkland’s go hit them. They always have awesome pieces. Sconces and mirrors and pictures at ridiculously good prices!
    I would say a rectangular mirror hung horizontally with two sconces on either side. Just my opinion. Mirrors open up rooms and brighten them wonderfully!
    Y’all did a fabulous job! THanks for sharing!! Now, go take a nap!

  8. beeeyoooteeeful!!!!

    and that nap? totally earned!

  9. Wow JJ, seriously…beautiful.

    That should be in one of them magazines women are always lookin’ at. Your husband and Dad did an excellent job!

  10. Amazing. Just amazing.

  11. It looks fantastic!

  12. Your dining room and your tree look great! Maybe a nicely framed mirror on that wall?

    Why did you move, BTW?

  13. beautiful

  14. The room looks great. I vote for a big piece of art or a huge canvas wrapped b&w photo–something that makes you happy when you see it.

  15. I dodn’t remember if I actually submitted my comment. It didn’t say “awaiting moderation”. So I don’t know…

  16. It looks BEEEEEEE=UUUUUUUUUUUUU-tiful!

  17. P.S. What shall you put on that wall? Um…do I need to send you a picture of my son? I mean….hello…..

  18. P.S.S.
    Okay….I guess I’ll let you put a huuuuuuuuuuge pic of Fa up there.

  19. Wonderful – you did good! Love the before and after pics:) Wanna come do my house?!

  20. It looks great! Congrats!

  21. loving the new room…wtg ya did an awesome job. I wish I just HAD a dining room..lmao. The tree looks purdyyyyyyy..

  22. oooh – gorgeous, gorgeous!! happy napping 🙂

  23. Looks good. And yes, a nice painting on one of the walls would make it just perfect. 😉

  24. Wow! It looks great! I haven’t been around that much lately, either! The past two weeks have been brutal….and I don’t have a cool new room to show for it! 🙂

  25. what a gorgeous dining room! and i love love love your dining set…dark wood is so yummy! (wow…that sounded kind of kinky, didn’t it?)

  26. I think you should put up some of Fa’s art all nicely framed up in the blank area … I love the transformation of the room! It looks fantastic! I love your tree too!

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